2013 Flooring Trends – The Top 6 trends – Westchester County NY

1.  Hardwood Flooring is the preferred flooring surface.

2013 flooring trends - westchester hardwood flooring in kitchensThere’s no contest – hardwood is in baby! It is by far the preferred flooring surface in Westchester County, especially for the main living areas of the home (i.e. living room, dining room, family room and even hardwood in the kitchen! Many also prefer hardwood for the bedrooms,too. Hardwood looks great, lasts long and is easy to clean and maintain.  And, of course, hardwood improves your home’s value.  By having hardwood in all/most areas, it makes your space larger, more continuous and integrated.  It is the preferred choice for decorators and homeowners alike.

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2.  Flooring that looks like hardwood is the next best thing

Because hardwood is so in style, anything that looks like hardwood is the next best thing. 

  • laminate flooring 2013 trends in flooringLaminate flooring:  For those that can’t afford hardwood or those looking for a more scratch resistant surface, laminate flooring is a great alternative for hardwood flooring.  Laminate flooring is less expensive than hardwood and can go on top of concrete floors.  It also tends to hold up well with kids and dogs.






  • luxury vinyl that looks like hardwood - flooring trends 2013Luxury Vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood:  High end luxury vinyl planks will amaze you, as they really do look very real.  They are individual planks that are usually glued to the floor.  And, they feel and sound more real compared to laminate flooring.  While laminate flooring is NOT waterproof, luxury vinyl will hold up to water and moisture.  So, luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for areas that tend to get some water (e.g. kitchens, basements, bathroom floors).  They can also work when your subfloor is not terribly even or level.




  • Porcelain tile planks that look like hardwood:  This is a very hot trend, and these porcelain planks look so chic and stylish.  They are perfect when you’re looking for an upscale look and need a surface that will hold up to water. They can be used for bathrooms, entryways and kitchens.  They are a great way to continue the visual looks and color of the hardwood you have in adjoining rooms.




3.  Carpet runners for stairs

Stair Carpet runner for Westchester CountyWhile hardwood is the preferred surface in most Westchester homes, there is one critical area to add carpet – the steps.  Carpet runners are very stylish and super important for the safety of your household – both people and pets.  You can learn more about carpet runners here – everything you ever wanted to know about carpet runnersRunners are predominantly found in homes with hardwood flooring.






4.  Tone on Tone Carpet or Loop/cut carpet combos

flooring trends tone on tone carpetAmong carpets, the fastest growing segment is the tone on tone carpets (sometimes called loop/cut/loop carpets).  These carpets are one color, but parts are cut and parts are looped (often different heights) to create patterns.  Some patterns are geometrical (e.g squares, diamonds), some are floral/free flowing and others are abstract.  These carpets add some visual intrigue to your room without adding another color. They can be used on for wall to wall carpeting, steps/runners as well as area rugs.




5.  Large format tile and rectangular tile (with a brick lay)

Large tile sizes make the room look larger. At a minimum, you should be using 12 x 12 tiles. But, if your space is larger, an 18 x 18 can look very impressive and for very large spaces, 24 x 24 can have a big bold look.


Another benefit with larger size tiles is that there is less grout to clean.  And, thinner grout lines are in style too…and they are easier to clean and last longer.





flooring trends - rectangular shape and brick layThe rectangular shape and a brick layout is super stylish for Westchester homes. You’ll see it in large entryways and kitchens. This trend started in upscale NYC buildings and it’s stunning. More and more tiles are being made that are 12 x 24 and this longer size and shape elongates your space so it looks larger. I also love to mirror this pattern in kitchen backsplashes with a subway tile – either a classic white or tumbled/honed natural stone. Again, this makes the space look larger helping to enhance the granite and the cabinets and the shape consistency brings the kitchen together.


6.  Green flooring

wool carpet westchester - flooring trendsAs the green movement continues to grow, more and more Westchester customers are looking for environmentally friendly flooring.  There are many ways to go green (or greenish) with your flooring, but the 2 types that seem to have the most staying power are 1) wool and sisal carpeting and 2) cork flooring.  These types of flooring are preferred in higher end homes in Westchester county.  While bamboo has been riding the green band wagon, bamboo does not seem to hold up well to scratches/dents nor water, and I continue to hear more and more issues with it, so soon, the customers will catch on to this.




  • flooring trends - wool carpetWool and sisal carpet are natural fibers.  They tend to hold up better  – both to wear and tear, and to stains.  They also tend to be more expensive.  Sisals (and sea grass) tend to come in natural/earthy colors, and most of the wools tend to come in natural or muted colors (wool absorbs the color differently than nylons and polyesters).  Wool tends to good texture retention and is naturally stain resistant.


  • Cork is a wonderful option as it is easier and warmer on your feet. It feels smoother and warmer than other surfaces. The most popular are for cork is the kitchen. Cork now comes in a variety of patterns. You can learn more about cork flooring here – how is cork flooring made?

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6 Flooring Trends for 2013