Carpet runners.  Why are they important for steps? Westchester NY.

I hope you enjoy this quick video on carpet runners and when they can make sense for your steps.  Below the video, I’ve included a close up of the wool runner I showcased.

What types of carpets are best for steps?

Wool carpets are much stronger than nylon or polyester carpets, and this is especially important for heavy traffic areas such as steps. Wool carpets do cost more, but they are worth it as they look nicer, feel nicer and last longer. Please note that most looped/needlepoint wool carpets do not hold up well on steps nor do they hold up very well with pet claws, especially cats and small dogs.

Masland Longfellow carpet is the first wool carpet featured in this video. I love this classic style and it come in several different colors so it works with many color schemes.  It works well in homes that are traditional and transitional.  The colors are neutral and it’s usually easy to find one that works with your paint colors.

Wool carpet runner - Masland Longfellow - Westchester NY

Wool carpet runner – Masland Longfellow – Westchester NY


Carpet runners for steps.  Why are they important? Westchester NY.