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Stain color trends for hardwood floors – Westchester NY

Refinish hardwood floors - Westchester NY - ebony flooringWhen it comes to hardwood flooring in Westchester NY, light and dark stain colors are in – both extremes.  Light stains gives the room a nice warm, airy and welcome look; dark stains hardwood gives the room a more formal and sophisticated look.


When we are refinishing hardwood floors in Westchester NY, we usually test 3 stains for a customer on their own hardwood.  It’s important to do this as all wood varies and accepts the stain differently based on the type of wood, grade of wood and it’s age. Also, wood color varies, so it’s much better to test it on several pieces – some lighter, some darker to get a true picture of how the stain will look (vs. a small chip that is on fake wood)

Stain color testing westchester



Light colors for hardwood flooring

Refinish oak hardwood floors - Westchester NY - light naturalLight colors are very cheery as well as neutral.  They also work for modern looking homes (and ironically, ebony on the opposite extreme also works for modern).


- Most often, if someone is going light, we will do natural as this is the lightest you can go, and it usually costs less than adding a stain.


- Golden Oak is also a nice option – just a tad darker and adds some gold tones for more depth


Mid toned stains

Herringbone - Provincial hardwood floors - westchester NYMid tones tend to work for traditional homes in Westchester – they just seem to work color and style wise.  They also tend to hide some of the imperfections if the wood is older. 


- Provincial is the most popular mid tone color.  It works well because, it is a brown stain (and does not have reds mixed in), so it’s very neutral and goes with almost everything


- Special Walnut is very similar to Provincial but a tad lighter, so usually I recommend that a customer tests both colors on their floor to see which they prefer.



Dark tones

Ebony hardwood flooring - Hartsdale NY 10530Dark colors are probably the most stylish and dramatic. There are several similar tones, so I think it’s usually best to see which is just the right shade for your taste.


- Ebony for an deep espresso stylish and dramatic look.  Jacobean is very similar, so it’s good to test that stain, too.


- Dark Walnut is similar to Ebony and Jacobean, but it a bit lighter, which some customers prefer.


- Royal Mahogany has a bit of red cut in.  It’s almost a combo of Red Mahogany and Ebony.


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Hardwood flooring stain color trends  – Westchester NY

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