Are your feet cold in the winter?  Radiant heat flooring is the next level of comfort and luxury for your home in Westchester County.




Westchester NY radiant heated floorsWe are a proud supporter of WarmUp radiant heat flooring.  WarmUp heated floors can be used under the following types of floors:

warmup logo radiant heated floors– Tile floors – ceramic, porcelain, natural stone

– Some types of Hardwood flooring

– Cork flooring

– Laminate flooring

– Carpet (this is a new option)

– There is also an option for additional insulation boards for basement floors over concrete

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Westchester radiant heat flooring tile Radiant heat flooring gives you unparalleled comfort and warmth.  If you know anybody who already has radiant heat floors and ask them what they think, they will most likely tell you, “I wish I had done it sooner” or “I will never go back” or “Now that we have it in one bathroom, we can’t wait to add it to the next one.  Radiant heat keeps those chilly rooms warm and are especially desired in both cold rooms with tile (e.g. bathrooms and kitchens) and chilly rooms where you may spend a lot of time.  They also free up floor space by eliminating those unsightly radiators and heating vents.


radiant heat for carpet in westchester CountyBecause radiant heat flooring, heats the room from the ground up (and because heat rises), the warmth you feel has a much faster impact vs. traditional heating methods.  You feel it in your feet first – and usually, your feet are your coldest part of your body, so this has a nice soothing feeling.  WarmUp is a wonderful and very affordable product (feel free to call us at 914-937-2950 for a free estimate).  Electric radiant floor heating uses a low temperature heating system to heat your home by emitting a radiant heat from under the floor surface and this heats the air providing optimal thermal comfort.  You have the ability to turn the radiant heat on or off as well as adjust the temperature.


insulation boards for radiant heatRadiant heated floors are perfect for:

– Bathrooms

– Kitchens

– Basements

– Sunrooms


WarmUp is a topnotch brand and most of their products have a 30 year warranty.



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