Tile flooring that looks like hardwood – Westchester NY

porcelain tile that looks like hardwood westchesterI have many customers that love the look of hardwood flooring, but don’t want to add hardwood to places where they are concerned about water – such as kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and basements.   Well, now there is a great looking solution that is waterproof – porcelain tile that looks like hardwood.  Yes, it has the best of both worlds…it’s beautiful and waterproof.
With porcelain planks, you stagger the long tiles, just like hardwood and you use very thin grout lines.  It really is a stylish and modern look.  You can also arrange the tiles for a herringbone effect.


I love this fashion forward tile because it’s sleek and modern looking.  It’s a great way to create continuity in your floor color.  So, if your living room and dining room and hardwood you can select a matching tile for your entryway for a continuous flow of color.  The planks are 4″ x 24″ (and they also come in 6″ and 8″ widths, so you can also have a combo of widths.


Porcelain tile planks that look like hardwood are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms/powder rooms and entryways.  You won’t have to worry about scratches either!


Porcelain tile that looks like hardwood – Westchester NY