Westchester County Bathroom Tile Trends

tile that looks like natural stone bathroom1.  Tile that looks like natural Stone – Both natural stone and porcelain that looks like natural stone are most popular.  Customers love the natural look as well as the color variation.  In addition, these tiles help hide the dirt.  Chiseled edges are also stylish.


2.  Light/neutral color – Lighter colors make the space look larger.  They give it a more open as well as clean looking feel.


3.  Subway tiles and subway tile lay out – Rectangular shapes are in, and so is a brick lay.  What’s interesting about this is that the shape is both new and classic the same time.  And, the longer size/shape elongates the space.


tile for bathroom in westchester with border4.  Spice it up with a border – Whether it’s natural stone, glass, metal or porcelain, most bathrooms look better with a border on the walls to add some visual intrique.  This can be a listello piece or just a few rows of mosaics (or smaller tiles).  It gives the bathroom life, personality and flair.  I love to jazz it up with fun sizes/shapes, but also I like to kept he colors neutral.  After all, bathroom tile is pretty permanent and you want the border to be timeless and not to pigeon hole you too much from a color perspective.  I’d rather see customers add color via the towels/accessories/shower curtains, etc.  By staying neutral in color, it will be timeless and survive many towel color/paint color changes as well as potential new owners.


5.  Thin Grout lines.  These look better + they are easier to clean + the grout tends to last longer.



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Bathroom Tile Trends – Westchester County