Hardwood floor refinishing FAQs – my most popular articles

hardwood floor refinishing FAQsThis gathers my most popular hardwood floor refinishing articles of all time.  These are the frequently asked questions I get from my customers.  If you understand the pros/cons on different types of refinishing as well as the time frame, it will allow you to better choose the best option for you and your floors, as well as allow you to properly plan ahead.


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This includes articles on the most popular stain colors, video blogs and a very detailed Q&A article (see the post on everything you ever wanted to know about hardwood floor refinishing).


Oil vs water based polyurethane - which is better for hardwood floorsOil based vs. water based polyurethane. Which is better for refinishing your hardwood floors?


How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?


Can you change the color of your hardwood floors?


Hardwood floor stain color trends – What’s hot?


Can you refinish pine floorsShould I refinish or replace my hardwood floors?


If you have hardwood flooring underneath your carpet, is it better to refinish the hardwood or replace the carpet?


Can you refinish pine flooring?


What is a screen and recoat?  What does floor buffing mean?


Video blogs – Hardwood floor refinishing FAQ’s


FAQ’s for hardwood floor refinishing – everything you ever wanted to know



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Hardwood floor refinishing FAQs – Everything you ever wanted to know