Extra Income Report – September 2017 – Money made from my blog

Extra income report September 2017

September was a bit of a setback as I only made $1,870 in passive income from my blog. This compares to $2,420 in August and my goal of $2,200.  The main shortfall is due to lower sales from Amazon (around $600).  It appears that August had an extra boost as it’s a bit of a DIY month for many moving into new houses.  September, on the other hand, is Back to School and also the Jewish holidays, so many of these types of projects are delayed until October.

Extra income report for September 2017In addition, September got off to a slower start than usual due to all the hurricanes and power outages.  Traffic was lower and that was the case for most blogs, as people had other priorities on their mind (i.e. safety).

Anyway, I’m now trying to rethink a few things to drive more traffic to my site.  This week, I actually published my 2018 Hardwood Flooring Trend post…2 1/2 months early.  This article is usually my #1 blog post for the year, so I’m hoping this helps.  I’m also starting to do some guest blogging and some blog posts about painting.  We’ll see if this does the trick.

I’m chronicling my journey so I can show people what is possible and also to track my progress and drive myself towards better results. These passive income reports show the extra money that I’ve earned through my hard efforts in blogging. It’s my pathway to financial freedom in the future.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Articles I wrote in August:

Traffic Report

September traffic was fairly strong after the slow down during the first week and a half resulting in about 118,000 page views. On a daily basis, it was a bit stronger than August.

The majority of my traffic is organic search (i.e. through google/yahoo/bing, etc). I have been working to grow and diversify my traffic and Pinterest is helping out with that. Here’s a helpful article on growing your traffic from Pinterest. I was a bit over 16,000 clicks for the month from Pinterest.

Oh, and if you have an interest in starting your own blog, check out my free tutorial here. (BTW, It costs way less than most people realize. You can get started for under $4/month).

Passive Income Results:

Affiliate sales $723

Amazon $611.05 (around a $600 drop vs August).

EZBZ $.60 (Customers can find local contractors here. Also, if you are a small business owner, you can sign up to be in the directory for free).

Pinteresting Strategies $ 51.20 Carly’s ebook on Pinterest. It’s awesome and shows you how to do well with Pinterest via manual pinning (no need for tailwind or BoardBooster.)

RewardStyle $44.65 (Home furnishings and more). This is a new program I just started. It’s for elite bloggers with established blogs that have a large amount of traffic. I’m hoping soon that this will become big, but just learning right now.

Shopstyle $4.55 (Home furnishings and more). This also is a new program I just started. It’s actually a pay per click program, so every time some clicks, I get .05.  (If you want to help me out, feel free to click on it (just once).  Right now it’s set to go to Target.com.  I’ve been experimenting with this a bit on Pinterest for a few items I’ve been promoting.

Wayfair.com $ 11.30 (Home furnishings)

Ebooks/Ko-fi $ 21.01

Ad Revenue $1,126 (a bit lower due to the glitch for a week)

Monumetric $1,077.80

Adsense $ 43.81 (only on 15% of pages)

Youtube $ 4.77

Total passive income = $1,870

So, it’s onward and upward. I’m hoping that the holiday season will be a good one.  Typically ad rates go up, so hopefully, this will give me a nice boost.

Stay tuned for next month.

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Extra Income Report – September 2017 – Passive Income Report