Which sheen level is best for hardwood flooring? How shiny should hardwood be?  What are the hardwood flooring sheen levels?

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Hi my name is Debbie Gartner, I’m known as The Flooring Girl. You can find me at TheFlooringGirl.com.

What sheen is most popular for hardwood floorsToday I’m going to answer the question about what sheen level is most stylish for hardwood flooring. In other words how shiny and glossy should it be (or shouldn’t be). I do want to mention that the sheen level is independent of the color; you can go dark or anywhere in between. But, you also have a choice on how shiny or “satiny” or matte the floors actually look.

With that being said, satin is by far the most popular look (at least in Westchester and New York City area). If you look at these two pictures here, the one on left is a semi-gloss; the one on the right is a satin. They’re both about the same color, but you can see that the floors look very different.

About 90% of my customers choose a satin finish. It is most stylish it looks classy, it refreshes the floor, it has some sheen but not too much. There are a few that go with the semi-gloss, and even a couple that end up going with a matte finish.

There are 4 levels sheen. There is glossy (which is obviously the most glossy) that’s what a gym floor looks like (and, you generally would not do that in actual house. The 2nd most shiny is semi-gloss (like the one on the left), then you have satin (like the one on the right) and then you have matte. (which I don’t have a picture here), but that basically has almost no sheen. And sometimes people feel that it’s really time to sand & refinish the floors again.

This a matter a personal preference. In terms of actual durability, they are technically the same. In terms of practicality though, Satin ends up lasting or looking better for a longer period of time than semi-gloss does. The reason for that is that the shinier you go, the more it shows the dents and scratches, as well as the dirt. So satin is the most popular and it also the most practical option.

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How shiny should your new hardwood floors be? What is best sheen level? Hardwood flooring sheen levels.