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This book collects lessons I’ve learned over the years that will accelerate your traffic growth and monetization strategy. 

There are tips on Pinterest, email marketing, niching down, product tips, affiliate marketing and much more.

Golden nuggets from someone who started just as you did and scaled her business


Believe me, over the last 10 years, I’ve made a LOT of mistakes.  The important thing how you learn and adapt from them.  And, I’ve pivoted many times.

I’ve learned from a lot of experts…as well as novices.  I do a lot of research and gather advice from many bloggers.  I share so many tidbits in this book.  You will know some, but not all of them.

I include several tips that aren’t obvious – things like how to improve the ability of getting your cookie clicked.

Golden nuggets from someone who started just as you did and scaled her business


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Debbie Gartner The Flooring Girl

Debbie Gartner runs a successful home decor blog at TheFlooringGirl.com.  She’s been blogging since 2010 and gets over 500,000 pageviews/month and earns over $20,000 a month.


She has coached over 100 bloggers on SEO, and she’s the author of 2 very successful SEO Ebooks – Easy On-Page SEO and Easy Backlinks for SEO.  She has leveraged her blog income to pay off more than $230,000 of debt.


This ebook is over 120 pages.  It is jam-packed with information!  I believe in delivering a quality product, so I’ve put my heart and soul into it.

Debbie Gartner

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