Extra Income Report – April 2017 – Money made from my blog

This is my 2nd passive income report on this blog as I chronicle my journey.  I’m sharing this article both to show people what is possible and also to track my progress.  These passive income reports show the extra money that I’ve earned through my hard efforts in blogging.  It’s my pathway to financial freedom in the future.

April was a tad disappointing.  I made a bit less than I did in March.  One of the reasons was that the month was a day shorter, and the other reason is that I had my website theme redesigned, and in the process the ads were done for close to a day as well as a few other items.  In the long run, though, this theme upgrade will help me as it allows my site to run faster.  I still have a few items I need to iron out this month (as soon as I can find some time).

The other thing that happened in April is that my dad had to get double bypass surgery.  Thankfully, the surgery was a success and it sound like he may go home today.  I spent a lot of time visiting and that got me a bit further behind on my blog (and other items), so May will be a catch up month.  I didn’t write any new content in April (both due to distractions and web design), so hoping this month I’ll be able to do a bunch and start to accelerate the passive income once again.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

The only article I wrote during March was my March passive income report:

Traffic Report

April traffic is estimated at 118,700 (Google analytics wasn’t tracking for a bit over a day, so it’s a guestimate.  This is a bit more than March, even though April is a slightly shorter month.  I made some great headway on Pinterest traffic, but now Pinterest seems to be slowing down, so I have some work ahead for me.

The majority of my traffic is organic search (i.e. through google/yahoo/bing, etc).  I have been working to grow and diversify my traffic and Pinterest is helping out with that.  I will have more to report on this next month.  Here’s a link to my Pinterest profile if you want to follow my blog posts on there.


Oh, and if you have an interest in starting your own blog, check out my free tutorial here. (BTW, It costs way less than most people realize.  You can get started for under $4/month).


Passive Income Results:

Affiliate sales $515.74

Amazon   $493

EZBZ        $    1.80 (Customers can find local contractors here.  Also, if you are a small business owner, you can sign up to be in the directory for free).

Tailwind   $  15.73 (this is my secret weapon to my success on Pinterest.  Love it!).  By the way, if you use my affiliate link here, you’ll get a free trial + later if you decide to do the paid version, you’ll get a $15 discount.  One of the smartest investments I made on my blog.

Wayfair.com  $  5.52

Ebooks/Ko-fi   $  18.20

Ad Revenue        $966.15

Monumetric $908.15

Adsense         $  54.48 (only on a few pages)

Youtube         $    3.52

Total passive income = $1,509

I’m falling a bit further behind in my goals as my passive income hasn’t been growing much.  Hopefully, I can make some good headway on my projects (items I was planning to do in April) so that the trend will go upward..

Stay tuned for next month.

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