Extra Income Report – August 2017 – Money made from my blog

August 2017 extra income report - passive income

I’m so happy because I exceeded my goal for the month a hit a record high…over $2,400 for passive income from my blog.  My goal for August was to reach $2,100…and then to gain an incremental $100 each month through the end of year to hopefully reach $2,500 by December. It appears that I got a bit lucky this month with a few items that won’t repeat next month, but hopefully, I have a solid base of $2,100 to grow from.

August 2017 extra income reportI’m chronicling my journey so I can show people what is possible and also to track my progress and drive myself towards better results. These passive income reports show the extra money that I’ve earned through my hard efforts in blogging. It’s my pathway to financial freedom in the future.

August was a successful month for me.  I’m starting to get the hang of affiliate marketing, especially on Amazon and writing some more articles that are converting better.  Some of my best converting articles included my article on best brands of polyurethane, my review of Coretec Plus and The best vacuum for hardwood floors.

I did have a bit of a snafu for a week due to plugin that I installed (and subsequently deactivated), so I had a week of slightly slower traffic and definitely lower ad revenue as it had an impact on some of the ads showing. It appears that the issue is solved now and I have my ad company keeping an eye on this as well as seeing if there are some ways to speed up my site.

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Articles I wrote in July:

Traffic Report

August traffic was fairly strong (except for the week with the snafu) resulting in about 120,000 page views.  I’m hoping to grow this further in September.

The majority of my traffic is organic search (i.e. through google/yahoo/bing, etc). I have been working to grow and diversify my traffic and Pinterest is helping out with that. Here’s a helpful article on growing your traffic from Pinterest. I was a bit over 15,000 clicks for the month from Pinterest.  I’m also about to start doing some guest posting again.  (I was supposed to do in August, but I was too busy).

Oh, and if you have an interest in starting your own blog, check out my free tutorial here. (BTW, It costs way less than most people realize. You can get started for under $4/month).

Passive Income Results:

Affiliate sales $1,360 (my highest so far)

Amazon $1,240.00 (My highest so far. More customers are buying more expensive items more often).

EZBZ $78.60 (Customers can find local contractors here. Also, if you are a small business owner, you can sign up to be in the directory for free).

Pinteresting Strategies $ 12.80 Carly’s ebook on Pinterest.  It’s awesome and shows you how to do well with Pinterest via manual pinning (no need for tailwind or BoardBooster.)

RewardStyle $28.72 (Home furnishings and more).  This is a new program I just started. It’s for elite bloggers with established blogs that have a large amount of traffic.  I’m hoping soon that this will become big, but just learning right now.

Ebooks/Ko-fi $ 17.24

Ad Revenue $1,048 (a bit lower due to the glitch for a week)

Monumetric $1,001.01

Adsense $ 43.31 (only on 15% of pages)

Youtube $ 3.62

Total passive income = $2,425

So, it’s onward and upward.  I’m getting the hang of this…just need to find more time to write all the articles and things on my “to do” list.

Stay tuned for next month.

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Extra Income Report – August 2017 – Passive Income Report