Extra Income Report – March 2017 – Money made from my blog

Extra Income Report - March 2017This is my first passive income report on this blog.  I’m sharing this article both to show people what is possible and also to track my progress and journey.  These passive income reports show the extra money that I’ve earned through my hard efforts in blogging.  It’s my pathway to financial freedom in the future.


March was my best month so far.  Given the recent changes with Amazon (i.e. they basically gave us a pay cut by reducing the commission rates), I was expecting to be lower vs February.  But, thankfully my blog is like The Little Engine That Could and my passive income continued to grow.  (Of course, I wish it would grow faster, but at least it increased rather than decreased).


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Here are the new articles I wrote during the month of March:



Traffic Report

Unfortunately, my traffic declined during the month of March.  This appears to be partially due to a speed issue.  My site has been slow for years, but all of a sudden, it got painfully slow (appears to be from a plugin incompatibility issue combined with my theme).


Anyway, the page load time increased and I was getting all sorts of errors (including ones that said my website wasn’t available) and my bounce rate increased.  Not good.  I only ended up with a bit over 115,000 pageviews for the month.  (I had achieved 150,000 in January, so I wasn’t happy).


I decided to call some website experts.  Originally, it sounded like this would be a quick fix (perhaps taking 2-3 hours).  Unfortunately, this issue seems to be a deeper one, and I need a new theme (I’ve had issues with my theme for a while).


So, now they are working on fixing this…and it will solve several other issues simultaneously.  I can’t wait.  I’m hoping this will make the user experience better and ultimately help my traffic.


The majority of my traffic is organic search (i.e. through google/yahoo/bing, etc).  I have been working to grow and diversify my traffic and Pinterest is helping out with that.  I will have more to report on this next month.  Here’s a link to my Pinterest profile if you want to follow my blog posts on there.  Traffic from Pinterest in April has already rapidly accelerated.


Oh, and if you have an interest in starting your own blog, check out my free tutorial here. (BTW, It costs way less than most people realize.  You can get started for under $4/month).


Passive Income Results:

Affiliate sales $617.74

Amazon   $579 (new record, and I got lucky as someone bought $1000 bathtub)

EZBZ        $    1.20 (Customers can find local contractors here.  Also, if you are a small business owner, you can sign up to be in the directory for free).

Tailwind   $  16.23 (this is my secret weapon to my success on Pinterest.  Love it!).  By the way, if you use my affiliate link here, you’ll get a free trial + later if you decide to do the paid version, you’ll get a $15 discount.  One of the smartest investments I made on my blog.

Wayfair.com  $  21.61


Ebooks/Ko-fi   $  16.96


Ad Revenue        $936.31

Monumetric $898.30

Adsense         $  32.65 (only on a few pages)

Youtube         $    5.24


Total passive income = $1,571


I was pleasantly surprised with these results.  In February, a shorter month, I earned $1,392, so I grew from there (a bit) even when accounting for the 3 extra days in March vs. February.  I was slightly short of the goal I set in December (my target was $1,625) and that’s not so bad considering the unexpected commission reduction in Amazon.


I need to try to accelerate things.  My goal for April is $2,000 and based on how April is going so far, I don’t think I’ll come close to those numbers.  I’m looking forward to the new theme on my site (and while this will help, it’s preventing me from posting to my blog, so I’ve lost a bit of time).  But, I’m hoping that the increase in speed will ultimately help my earnings (this may not show up until May) and I’m hoping to get back to some of my planned projects.  Hopefully, these will allow me to accelerate.


More info to come soon.


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