Extra Income Report – May 2017 – Money made from my blog

Extra income report May 2017 - passive income report

This is my 3rd passive income report on this blog as I chronicle my journey. I’m sharing this article both to show people what is possible and also to track my progress and drive myself towards better results. These passive income reports show the extra money that I’ve earned through my hard efforts in blogging. It’s my pathway to financial freedom in the future.


Extra Income Report - May 2017 - Passive IncomeMay was good, but not as strong as I was hoping. My traffic has declined a bit (down to 110,000 page views a month), so this will be a big focus for me in June.  I’m back to writing more content and doing some off page SEO.  I’ve also designed a whole bunch of new pins on Pinterest, so I’m crossing my fingers that my Pinterest traffic will rebound.


I’m also trying to strengthen the placement for one of my top articles:  2017 hardwood flooring trends.  It’s currently ranking #2 on Google, but I would love for it to be #1.  We’ll see if I can get there.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Articles I wrote in May:

Traffic Report

May traffic was lower – around 110,000 page views.  I’m working on increasing this during the month of June.


The majority of my traffic is organic search (i.e. through google/yahoo/bing, etc). I have been working to grow and diversify my traffic and Pinterest is helping out with that. I will have more to report on this next month. Here’s a link to my Pinterest profile if you want to follow my blog posts on there.


Oh, and if you have an interest in starting your own blog, check out my free tutorial here. (BTW, It costs way less than most people realize. You can get started for under $4/month).


Passive Income Results:

Affiliate sales $444.60

Amazon $377.70 (this was less than normal as a customer returned a bathtub…so the $79 commission was reversed.

EZBZ $ 1.40 (Customers can find local contractors here. Also, if you are a small business owner, you can sign up to be in the directory for free).

Tailwind $ .50 (this is my secret weapon to my success on Pinterest. Love it!). By the way, if you use my affiliate link here, you’ll get a free trial + later if you decide to do the paid version, you’ll get a $15 discount. One of the smartest investments I made on my blog.

Bluehost $ 65.00 (This is where you can get website hosting for just $3.95/month).  Do you want to start your own website?  Check out my blog host on how to create a website in 3 simple steps.

Ebooks/Ko-fi $ 48.54

Ad Revenue $1,054.32 (my highest so far)

Monumetric $995.55

Adsense $ 54.32 (only on 15% of pages)

Youtube $ 4.15

Total passive income = $1,547


I’m falling a bit further behind in my goals as my passive income hasn’t been growing much. I’ve been making a bunch of changes and cranking out some new articles, so hopefully June will be better and July even stronger.


I’m in process of trying a few other ways to monetize my blog, and hopefully, they’ll be in place by end of June.


Stay tuned for next month.

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