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How to create a simple product in an hour

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I made a serendipitous discovery.

It wasn’t even my original idea.  Another blogger mentioned it, and she said she got the idea from another blogger, so I decided to give it a try.

The idea is simple.

Just turn one of your blog posts into an ebook (or a pdf) and sell it to your audience for $5.

And, tell them that’s what you’re doing!

Don’t mislead them in any way.  Be 100% honest with them.

Basically, let them know that this is a long post, and they can find everything they need to below, but that they can also buy the pdf version (which is the same, but excludes the ads, so it’s easier to read).  They can then store it on their computer or print out.  And, it only costs $5.

In April, I made $45.  Not a lot, but some nice extra pocket change.  And, it hadn’t taken long to do – maybe 1.5 hours (as I wasn’t quite sure of the steps).

I didn’t t think much of it until later in May when I realized I made another $45…without any extra work.  So I did the math, and it was about $40 extra profit per month..which meant I could make $480 a year for less than 2 hours worth of work.  That was worth it.

So, on May 30th, and the 2 days following, I did this for 3 more posts. Each took me 1 hour.

In June, I made $175!

No, this will NOT make you rich.

But, as I hope you can see, it was pretty easy and not very time consuming, and you can do it, too.  I did all 4 of these in just 5 hours.

I’m going to show you how I do this – everything from formatting my documents to adding it to my payment processor, to creating mock-ups and some simple mock-up and other hacks to improve your conversions.

For years, people have been asking me how I create my ebooks.  Most are surprised that I’m using all FREE tools. And, it is much simpler to do than most realize.

In this ebook, I show you step by step how I do this, …and how you can do this in an hour.  I even created 12 quick videos to show the secret and not so obvious ways to that I do things.

Yes, you can do all of this for FREE…or you can do it for $9-$10 a month, pending on the payment processor/plan you choose.

And, importantly, once you learn this, it will make launching your first real/larger product sooooo much simpler. 

And, if you’ve already launched some products, I’m sure you will learn some helpful tips to accelerate your sales and conversions.

I’m giving this away for a song!  Don’t miss this opportunity to get this at the intro price. Soon, I will be converting this into a course and selling at a much higher price.

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Incredibly detailed!

"Like all of Debbie's books, 1 Hour Pdfs and Ebooks is incredibly detailed and thorough. Debbie shows you step-by-step all the things you need to do, think about, and have in place so you can create an additional income stream with your ebooks and printables."
- Jennifer Lane Ayling,

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It helped me so much!

"I just used Debbie's 1 hour ebook to set up my tripwires with Sendowl and it helped me so much! All the tax and VAT information was simply priceless and the Sendowl hacks to set up a product page were exactly what I had been looking for. I haven't actually made a 1 hour ebook yet, but I definitely will do this soon too! Debbie's book definitely covers all the details and shows how easy it is to create small digital products. Thanks Debbie!"
- Lisa,

This ebook will show you:

  • How to create a simple ebook or pdf that you can easily sell
  • Free ways to create mock-ups to accelerate your sales.
  • How to make your ebook look more professional using Word.
  • How to do all of this in only 1 hour.
  • 12 quick “how to” videos to make the process super easy.
  • Tips to improve your conversion rates.
  • In depth comparisons on payment processors.
  • Work-arounds on using Amazon products in pdfs
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I've sold 3 in less than a week!

"I bought your 1 hour ebooks product as soon as you announced it. As I was reading the sales description, I knew I needed to get it and try it out for my most popular post which I had been struggling to monetize beyond ads.
I went through it right away and dedicated some time to creating the new product.
I've sold 3 in less than a week since launching it!
Now I've got some ideas for my next most popular posts and will replicate the process for them too!
While it did take me longer than 1 hour to create my first ebook, I'm confident that the template formula works and that every additional one I create will be even faster!"
- Bri,

Debbie Gartner The Flooring Girl

Debbie Gartner runs a successful home decor blog at  She’s been blogging since 2010 and gets over 500,000 pageviews/month and earns over $20,000 a month. 


She has coached over 100 bloggers on SEO, and she’s the author of 2 very successful SEO Ebooks – Easy On-Page SEO and Easy Backlinks for SEO.  She has leveraged her blog income to pay off more than $188,000 of debt.



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