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who is the flooring girl?

The Flooring Girl – Westchester County NY. I seem to be one of the few women in a male dominated industry…an industry which focuses on making the home look more beautiful, and an industry where women are often the primary decision maker. I have a flair for design and I have the patience to sit with my customers to help them pick out the right type of flooring, the best color and the best design layout for their taste and decor.     We were honored to have won the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award for 7 years in a row. And, we’ve won the Best of Houzz award.
Home Decor Trends for 2021 | Interior Design

21 Home Decor Trends for 2021

2021 Decorating trends – 21 stylish and growing trends for interior design 2021 is right around the bend, so I thought it would be helpful to share the latest home decor trends.  It’s interesting because I’ve read a bunch of trend articles over the last few months, including the “color of the year” reports, and

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Hardwood flooring trends 2020

Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2020

17 trendy styles for hardwood floors – The definitive guide to most popular 2020 wood flooring trends Hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity, and it is by far the preferred flooring type for homes.  Ironically, this is followed by all sorts of products trying to mimic the look of hardwood flooring, regardless of whether

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Light and dark hardwood

Dark floors vs Light floors – Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons with dark hardwood floors vs light hardwood floors? Hold up a white index card over half of this to shift from light to dark hardwood floors. There are several other examples throughout this article. Which do you prefer – dark or light wood?   Thankfully, when it comes to

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best flooring flip a house

Best Flooring for Flipping a House

Which are the best types of floors for house flipping – hardwood, tile, carpet?  When you’re selling a home and looking for the highest return on investment, you need to factor in both what will sell at the highest price (and fastest) as well as the cost.  Both of these questions are critical, and the

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9 amazing warm grays and greiges from Sherwin Williams

9 Amazing Warm Gray Paint Shades from Sherwin Williams

What are the best warm grays and greiges when it comes to paint colors? Gray is currently the most popular paint color.  It’s soft, stylish and neutral…the perfect combo.  Gray also works so well with dark hardwood floors (the most popular) as well as light hardwood floor.  It just seems to work everywhere. But, many

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Jute and sisal rugs - what's the difference? Ecofriendly carpets

Sisal and Jute Rugs: What’s the difference?

Advantages of jute and sisal area rugs, and where to find the best and more affordable ones Sisal and jute are natural fiber rugs that have been rapidly growing in popularity.  They look very similar, so many confuse them. While they have a similar appearance, the two differ when it comes to texture, feel, durability

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tile that looks like wood | best places to buy online

Tiles that look like wood | Best places to buy online

Best places to purchase porcelain tiles that look like hardwood floors Wood look tiles are one of the most popular types of flooring these days, especially in warmer climate homes and in areas that are prone to water or moisture (e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, basements).  They are super stylish and of course waterproof. Tiles that

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Most popular stain colors for hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring stain color trends

Stain color trends for hardwood floors When it comes to hardwood flooring in Westchester NY, dark and light are in – both extremes. Light stains gives the room a nice warm, airy and welcome look; dark stains hardwood gives the room a more formal and sophisticated look. At the moment, dark seems to be the

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Kitchen hardware trends for 2020

13 Kitchen Hardware Trends for 2020

The top 13 trends for kitchen hardware – cabinet pulls and handles, knobs, faucets and sinks Kitchen hardware is just possibly the most overlooked finish in a kitchen makeover. Yet the choices you make can make a world of difference in the final outcome. But the story often goes like this:   You’ve picked your

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which are the best brands of polyurethane?

Which are the best Polyurethane brands for floors? Which do I recommend?

Brands of Polyurethane that I highly recommend When it comes to sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors, there are 2 main components: 1) The quality of the workmanship and 2) the quality of the materials (i.e. the polyurethane). In this article, I’m going to discuss the highest grade polyurethanes. The polyurethane is the coating that

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best paint colors for a home office

Best Paint Colors for a Home Office

Best paint shades for work at home offices Are you setting up a new home office?  Or maybe you’re just looking to improve your productivity while working at home.  Paint colors can set the tone for whole room and have a big impact on your mood and productivity.   In this article, I’m going to

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