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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions | Flooring and Hardwood

Hardwood flooring

2018 Hardwood flooring trends

What types of hardwood flooring are best for dogs?


What are the hardwood flooring trends for 2018?


Dark vs light hardwood flooring – what are the pros and cons?

What type of flooring gives you the best return on investment (ROI)?


What is the difference between prefinished an unfinished hardwood?

Hardwood flooring Westchester New York

What is the difference between red oak and white oak hardwood flooring?


What is engineered hardwood flooring?


Solid vs engineered hardwood – Which is better?


Is bamboo flooring hard or soft?


What is a floating floor?

What cleaning products (and supplies) do you recommend for hardwood floors?

Tips to prevent and reduce scratches in hardwood floors



Hardwood floor refinishing

Oil vs water based polyurethane - which is better for hardwood floorsOil based vs. water based polyurethane. Which is better for refinishing your hardwood floors?


How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?


Can you change the color of your hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor stain color trends – What’s hot?

How to Refinish and stain gray hardwood floors – the RIGHT way


What are the best brands of polyurethane?


Can you refinish pine floorsShould I refinish or replace my hardwood floors?


If you have hardwood flooring underneath your carpet, is it better to refinish the hardwood or replace the carpet?


Can you refinish pine flooring?


FAQ’s for hardwood floor refinishing – everything you ever wanted to know

What hardwood cleaning product do you recommend? (and other  accessories to maintain floors and reduce scratches.)

Tips to prevent and reduce scratches in hardwood floors

What type of sheen is most stylish for hardwood?  Which type lasts longer?



Should you paint or do the floors first?

Should you do the floors or kitchen cabinets first?



2017 Carpet area rug and runner trendsWhat are the 2017 Carpet and Runner trends?


What type of carpet is best for pets?


How stain resistant is your carpet?


If you have hardwood flooring underneath your carpet, is it better to refinish the hardwood or replace the carpet?


Why are carpet runners important?


What are tone on tone carpets?


Marble Tile flooring - Ardsley NY 10502 granite

Tile Flooring and Backsplashes

Porcelain planks vs hardwood flooring – Pros and Cons

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

Is installing tile flooring a good do-it-yourself project?

How to design a kitchen backsplash


Trends and colors – what’s in style?

Hardwood floor refinishing FAQ's frequently asked questions 2017 Hardwood Flooring Trends

2017 Flooring Trends (covers all surfaces)

2017 Carpet and Runner Trends

Hardwood flooring stain color trends

Trends in basement flooring

Family Room flooring trends

Laminate flooring - floating floor - Westchester NYLaminate and Vinyl Flooring

What is a floating floor?

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Coretec Plus Review – Looks like hardwood, but it’s waterproof!

What is Pergo flooring?




Green Products

cork flooring and bambooWhat types of flooring products are green and eco-friendly?


How is cork flooring made?


What types of flooring are best if you have allergies?

Is bamboo flooring hard or soft?


What is sisal carpet?


By RoomHardwood flooring vs tile for the kitchen

What types of flooring work for basements?


Which is better for kitchen floors – hardwood or tile?


Family Room flooring trends



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