How to mix and match throw pillows

5 Ways to Mix and Match throw pillows


I have to say that decorating with pillows is one of the easiest, most fun and least expensive ways to decorate a room and give it some new flair. And, it’s a great DIY project that anyone can do.


Please note that there are no hard and fast rules here. This is a matter of personal taste, and if you love your combination, then it’s perfect for your home. Here are 5 different design principles you can use for mixing and matching pillows with flair.

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1. Same color and vary pattern

This is when you choose one main color for your pillows and use that color with a variety of patterns. Generally, the main color will pick up or else accent (i.e. contrast) with the main color of the room. This usually works best when the designs are all from the same style genre.



2. Bold pattern and complementary colors with a subtle pattern

Often, when you have a strong and bold pattern that you love, you can showcase it better by contrasting it with a solid pillow, or a very subtle pattern. It often works best when the solid or subtle pattern is a complementary color (i.e. the opposite on the color wheel). In the spirit of “less is more,” it’s often advisable to showcase the main pattern in a couple of pillows and have several solids/subtle patterns.


Decorating with throw pillows


decorating with throw pillows

3. Same pattern and vary color

If you love a pattern and want to run with it, you can add some visual intrigue by varying the color. This can work well with bold patterns such as a moroccan trellis or chevron.


4. Complementary colors and patterns

Remember the color wheel? When you have colors that are on the opposite of the color wheel (e.g. red/green, tan/blue, etc), they will intensify the colors. When you mix color palettes with complements, you will have a more striking impact.


5. Florals and more florals

While flowers aren’t for everyone, if you are a flower lover, you’ll be happy to know that different florals will often magically go to together. In fact, often the more the merrier. They just work.



How many pillows should you use?

5 Ways to decorate with throw pillowWell this of course depends on the size of the space to fill and how it will be used. In general, you want just enough to add some flair, but not too much to interfere with using and sitting in the space. Your job is to make the space look inviting.


I usually find that having an odd number of pillows work better. It’s fine to change the size/shape of pillows, and usually when you do this, it works best with the larger sizes on the outside and smallest in the middle.


Where can you buy throw pillows online?