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Selecting the best paint colors and stain choices for your Westchester home

Paint color and stain consultation for Westchester County NY

Would you like help and advice selecting the right shades of paint?  Or stain colors for your floor?  If you live in Westchester County, I’d be happy to help you.


I just charge $125 for an hour consultation (don’t worry if it goes a tad over).


I will help provide advice on colors and finishes based on your style and decor.  I can also recommend contractors for the work you need to get done (over the last 10 years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of contractors – I know the good ones that you can trust and that are reasonably priced).


I will also provide advice on the right order to do your projects…believe me, I’ve seen so many avoidable mistakes here that cost homeowners time and money.  Leverage my knowledge.  I’m happy to help.


Also, as a special bonus, I will allow you access to my designer discounts at the paint stores (and a few other stores).  This will help you regardless of whether you are painting yourself or hiring a professional painter.  This discount should more than pay for the consultation fee.


Please contact me below if you are interested in meeting with me.  Please note that I do not check this site on a daily basis.  Please also note that I only do color consultations for home owners in Westchester County, NY.


Edit:  Lately, I’ve had a bunch of requests for non-local stain/flooring consultations over the phone where homeowners have offered to compensate me for my time, and happy to provide flooring advice for that.  Note: I used to have my phone number on this site, but needed to remove it as my phone would never stop ringing.  But, if you do have this need, just fill out the form below and I will call you.


Note:  My calendar has become so busy that I’m only taking local customers until the beginning of May.

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Color and Stain Consultation | Westchester County NY