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2015 carpet trends for wetchester


2015 carpet trends in westchester NYCarpet color and style can help personalize your space as well as add comfort and warmth. Carpet can either provide a neutral palette background, or become a focal point for the room (especially if it’s an area rug). So, here are the carpet trends I’m seeing for 2015.


Update:  Check out my new 2016 Carpet Trends article.


1. Neutral colors, especially grays and taupes

Grays & Taupes are the new neutrals. One of the things that is so interesting about these colors is that they can stand on their own, or create the canvas for pops of color in the rest of the room (e.g. paint, pillows, window treatments).




Shaw Canaban frosty taupe














Other Popular and trending carpet colors:

  • Muted blues and teals are becoming more popular as they often create pop with the neutrals while being tranquil and soothing. Many of the blues are muted with underlying gray tones.

Shaw see it now2 Shaw design details carpet trends for 2015 blues - westchester


  • Earthy greens signify renewal and growth. Green is the neutral “color” as it’s abundant in nature.

tuftex applause Carpet runner for stairs Westchester County tone on tone


2. Patterned and textured loop carpets

carpet trends for 2015 Tuftex taza There has been a trend towards texture and patterns. These are stylish, and they will always be popular as they minimize vacuum marks and reduce appearance of dirt. There are many patterned style segments, as different customers have different tastes.


  • Textured loops that are soft & durable with variable pile heights. Nylon carpet fibers have gotten softer and softer, so it’s possible to have a durable looped carpet that is also soft.





textured looped carpets for 2015

  • Ribbed carpet and striations – adds textural and color richness. These carpets look chic and help hide dirt. Striations have become very popular in tile and it was only a matter of time before they would become very popular in carpet. These carpets also help hide the seams (if they are needed for larger areas).








  • tuftex carpetsTwo toned/two colored carpets provide visual intrigue and a multi-dimensional look. The styles becoming more sophisticated and often bold. They are often inspired by wool and sisal designs, as well as tile and popular fabrics (e.g. herringbone, chevron, moroccan tile).


  • Geometric patterns – Whether it’s diamonds, squares or subtle stripes many love these patterns. Sometimes they are created by parts that are looped and parts that are cut; others by multi-dimensional loops, and some by using 2 colors.

2015 carpet trends - Shaw see it now

Acapella carpet dark brown shaw caress line westchestertone on tone carpet trends 2014 westchester


Tone on tone carpet combo

berber carpet combo











3. Pet Resistant carpeting

tuftex cooper-sasha-image pet resistant carpetingWe absolutely love pets, but they can do a number on carpets. I’m finding that more and more of my customers have dogs and/or cats, and they are asking me what types of carpets will hold up best to their furry friends. While there are colors and styles that will hold up better (and show dirt less), there is now a new solution to the marketplace, and we are very excited about this carpet introduction. It’s Stainmaster®’s PetProtect® carpet. To read more about this, check out this blog post – What type of carpet is best for dogs and cats?


4. Carpet Runners and area rugs

While hardwood is the preferred flooring surface for most of the common areas of the home (e.g. living room, dining room, family room), Carpet runners have been growing in popularity – both for safety and decor. They are great for pets and noise reduction, and they look classy and sophisticated. There are many styles – some with patterns, some more subtle. You can read more about it here: Everything you ever wanted to know about carpet runners.

carpet runner moroccan westchester county

Carpet runner scarsdale - Masland Alhambra - Westchester CountyWestchester carpet runner for steps


Likewise, area rugs are growing in popularity. Often when we are doing carpet runners for the front steps, our customers love the option of a matching area rug for the entryway. For living rooms and dining rooms, many will prefer a different style for contrast. If you’re looking for a great area rug pad, I recommend The Original Gorilla Grip Area Rug Pad.


Here is a link to an article I just wrote on Where to buy Moroccan Trellis or Quatrefoil area rugs.  It also includes the history on the term quatrefoil. Here’s an example of one of them.


Silken Modern Moroccan Trellis Gray – High Quality Area Rug


Orian Geometric Infinity Area Rug in Gray


Best gray area rugs for under $200And, here’s a link to popular gray area rugs for under $200.  You can buy these directly through Amazon and have them shipped to you.





5. Environmentally friendly carpet

wool carpet green flooring trendsGreen is in. No, not the color (although some prefer this color), but eco-friendly carpets. Whether it’s wool or sisal, or even recyclable nylon, many prefer using natural fibers and those that are more sustainable. It feels better and more luxurious for their families, especially if they have younger kids that may spend a lot of time on the floors. These fibers tend to be better for those who are sensitive to allergies and/or have asthma. These carpets are move expensive, but they last longer, and it’s a small price to pay for better indoor air quality and your family’s health. These carpets also tend to be naturally more resilient to stains.


Wool Carpets Sisal Carpets

carpet trends for 2014 Wool

Sisal carpet combo











6. Super soft carpets

flooring poll hardwood vs carpetYes, the technology keeps getting better and better, and so does the demand for softer carpets. I’ve been seeing more and more soft nylon looped carpets. Yes, who would have thought that these looped berbers could be made soft. And, solid cut pile carpets (which we expect to be soft) have gotten more and more luxurious.


For example, check out Shaw’s Cashmere line. These are saxony and plush friezes that you just want to cuddle up with. In Shaw’s words, the line is “inspired by the world’s softest natural fibers.” They designed it to feel like a wool carpet (without the expense of a plush wool carpet).




Acapella carpet dark brown shaw caress line westchesterAnd, I will give a special shout to this carpet as it cushioned my blow when I fell down the steps, saving my hands and knees. Thank you Shaw. I owe you one.


There are so many softer options out there. If you’re going to install carpet in the bedrooms, you might as well go soft.





7. Nostalgic, fluffy and vintage carpets – mainly for area rugs

flooring trends - wool carpetThe trends for area rugs are a bit different than wall to wall carpets. Area rugs are often the focal point of the room and/of help centralize and ground the furniture. As these are usually placed on top of hardwood flooring, they look great when you provide a nice contrast is texture and color vs. the wood floors. For this reason, we tend to see larger loops, chunky spun yarns, and even fluffy carpets – most reminiscent of wools and other natural fiber (such as sisal and seagrass) and believe it or not, shaggy friezes.


Wall to wall shag is definitely OUT…don’t even think about it. But, for a central area rug, it can look chic and sophisticated, especially in more upscale homes and rooms.



Think about those nice warm wool sweaters you had when you were younger. These area rugs are reminiscent of that cozy feeling.


2015 area rug trends


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Update: Check out my new 2016 Carpet Trends article.

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7 Carpet Trends for 2015 | Westchester County NY

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      Rob – Thank you so much. Yes, I love the moroccan tile theme and there are several variations on this style.


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