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Top 7 Bathroom Flooring Trends for 2022 | Tile

Tile trends for bathroom and powder room flooring

Bathroom flooring can make a big statement, whether it’s a large master bathroom or a small powder room. It provides the foundation and tone for the room. Generally you want it to be pretty, stylish and practical…practical for cleaning and for safety.

Bathroom flooring trends for 2021 | Popular tile trends for floors and walls

bathroom tile trends for 2021Bathrooms can be expensive to renovate, so most of us don’t upgrade that often. So, it’s important to get tiles you love…and that will stand the test of time.


In this article, I will share the top 7 tile trends for bathroom floors, some important considerations when choosing the type of tile and a few alternative surfaces for bathroom floors…and the flooring choices you’ll want to avoid for full bathrooms.


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Bathroom tile trends

1. Wood look tiles

tiles that look like hardwood flooringThe biggest trend in tile flooring, including bathroom is tile that looks like hardwood. These wood looking planks come in a variety of styles and colors. With the upgraded inkjet technology, these look super realistic.


You can find this gray wood look plank here and the chevron for the wall here).


You can have a more modern look or a wire-brushed style which has subtle intentional scratches that bring out the grain, or a more rustic handscraped wood look. You can get high or low color variation based on your preference.


2021 bathroom flooring trends - wood look tilesThe most popular shades seem to be light grays and whites, as well as other cool tones. One of the great things about porcelain wood look tiles is that they start with a white base…so it’s much easier to get a true gray or white washed look vs. what you would get with real hardwood. Ironic, right?


You can find this white washed tile here. and matching chevron for the walls here.


One of the other advantages of these tiles is that they are easier to clean. They have less grout and thinner grout lines, and the graining makes the dirt a bit less obvious.


Some homeowners decide to continue the same color style on the walls; others choose to contrast the colors. The wood look tiles are so versatile and neutral, so they really work.

Here are some of my favorite wood looking tiles.

light gray tile planks that look like hardwood gray tile that looks like wood dark gray wood looking tile planks

Belmond Pearl Belmond Gray Belmond Obsidian


Farmstead porcelain - tile that looks like hardwood wood grain tile in gray Sierra Tile in gray - faux wood tile with wood grain

Farmstead Winder Othello Dark Gray Sierra in gray


Stanbury Porcelain tile that looks like hardwood Coffee Bean Watercolor Graphite Gray tile looks like wood flooring

Stanbury Coffee Bean Watercolor Graphite in Gray

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Important:  When it comes to bathrooms, it’s especially important that you select tiles that have some texture and slip resistance to them. In general, this is important for flooring to prevent accidents. It’s even more important in bathrooms where the tiles may get wet.


If the tiles in your bathroom are slippery, then be sure to leverage a slip resistant rug like this one  (or rubber mat that is weighted down).


2. Black and white stenciled tiles for a retro, vintage and farmhouse style

tile flooring trends for bathrooms - black and white stenciled tilesIf you’re looking for a modern farmhouse style or retro decor, these black and white vintage styles are super chic. You’ll find them everywhere you look on Pinterest. They work so well with white bead board, wainscoting, or better yet shiplap.


stenciled tiled floors - black white and gray - bathroom flooring trendsThese tiles are mesmerizing as your eyes follow the patterns. You can find many black and white stenciled tiles as well as gray and white. The pattern emerges as you fit the tiles together.


Here are some great examples of black and white stenciled tiles. Just click on the pictures to get more info on size, prices, etc.


white clawfoot bathtub - bathroom floor tile trendsAnd, to touch everything off for a modern farmhouse style, check out this white clawfoot tub.


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3. Mosaics

Mosaics are so hot these days, especially white marble ones (as well as black and white patterned ones). You will see that they come in a variety of shapes these days including subway tiles, small squares, herringbone, chevron, hexagons, basket weaves, and even moroccan tile shapes.


mosaic tile - what is the most popularflooring for bathrooms


what are the new trends in bathroom flooring - mosaics


Many are opting for using the same white marble tile throughout the bathroom, but mixing up the shapes on the floors, walls and shower area. This keeps the space light and bright while providing visual intrigue by mixing up the shapes and textures.


Here are some great example of mosaic tiles. Just click on the pictures to find out more info on size, price, etc.


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4. Light and cool toned shades, especially white and grays, and other light neutrals

bathroom tile trends 2021-2022Neutral colors, especially light ones are the most popular. Bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house (and often have fewer windows), so going lighter tends to work better. Lighter colors make the space look larger.


Whites, creams and light grays are the most popular. Neutral beiges are also a top choice, but as yellows and warm colors have become more dated in the home, you will tend to find more neutral beiges…in fact greiges…which are a combo of gray and beige.


bathroom flooring and tile trendsFor hardware, brushed nickel is the most popular, followed by chrome. These are both stylish and timeless (vs. gold and bronze which bounce in and out of style). For paint colors, whites, grays and pale blues are most popular both as they go with the most popular tile colors and also because they are light and neutral.


While lights are most popular in bathrooms, be sure to invest in some great lighting…and make sure the bulbs are on the whiter side (and not too yellow).


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5. Radiant heat floors

radiant heat - bathroom tile trends for 2021 - gray cabinets and gray paintHeated floors have been on the rise for the last 10 years, especially in cooler climates. This can be quite the luxury, especially in the winter and they heat up super quickly, so if it’s chilly morning, your feet will thank you for this.


As the technology has improved and demand increased, manufacturers have made great strides in making these simpler to install. And, of course the prices have decreased making this luxury very attainable.


radiant heat floors for bathrooomsThere are 2 types of radiant heat – electric and hyrondic (i.e. water). Generally, the electric ones are easier and less expensive to install. In fact, some DIYers can do this themselves. One of my favorite brands for radiant heat is Nuheat and you can buy this here on Amazon.


Note: While radiant heat can be used under a number of flooring surfaces, it tends to work best (i.e. deliver the most heat efficiently) with tile, as tiles conduct heat better than other surfaces.


6. Matte and honed finishes (rather than glossy)

2021 Bathroom tile trends - mosaics and linear patternsMatte finishes have been rising in popularity among most surfaces including tiles, counter tops and hardware (think about the preference of brushed nickel over chrome). When it comes to tiles, matte finishes are easier to maintain (they show less dirt and avoid water marks) and importantly, they are just safer.


Manufacturers are getting more creative with matte finishes where they will show more wood grains or fabric-like textures as well as changing up the patterns and dimensions on the walls.


If you’re still really into glossy, consider using this on the walls, not the floors.


7. Geometric and linear shapes

Bathroom tile trends for 2021 - chevron patternI’m seeing more and more patterns and shapes. Sometimes I see them on the floors, and sometimes on the walls, and sometimes both. This really depends on the size and shape of room.


Linear patterns seem to be the most popular and you see these in many ways including wood look tiles, striations in tiles (and sometimes in vanities) and also on the walls, especially in listello borders that may wrap around the room or highlight the shower walls.


Hexagons, herringbone and chevron patterns have become very hot as well. While I’ve seen hexagons more often on floors (especially shower floors), they can work on the walls too. Moroccan tile shapes have also made a comeback.


Here are some great examples of geometric patterned tiles. Most of these are mosaics. Just click on the pictures to get more info.


Beautiful bathroom tiles and floor remodeling trends

You might enjoy this quick video for some additional design inspiration for bathrooms. I absolutely adore some of these bathrooms.

Quick Guidelines for types of tiles that are best for bathrooms

Textured and slip resistant:

Trends for bathroom flooring and tilesWhen it comes to the flooring, make sure that you select tiles that have a bit of texture in them and are specifically designed for floors. You want to avoid anything slippery…or that can become slippery when wet.


Check the PEI rating (you want at PEI rating of at least 2). The PEI scale was developed by the Porcelain Enamel Institute to indicate hardness and durability of tile so that you use the right types of tile in the right types of locations. (e.g. wall rated tile should never be uses on the floors as floors get more foot traffic…obviously.


Matte and honed finishes are more popular these days anyway, but the last thing you want is to slip on your floors after getting out of the shower or bath tub. So make sure the tile isn’t too smooth.


Smaller, often mosaic tiles for showers:

tile flooring trends - mosaic tilesMany people forget that showers need to drain properly, and that means the installer needs to slope the floor (slightly) so that the water will funnel towards the drain. This means that for the shower floor, you need tiles that are small enough to angle and create a small decline. (like this one)


Mosaics and small tiles work best for this, allowing the installer to properly slope the flooring. Often, it looks great when the tiles in the shower are the same color as the rest of floor (or wall), but just a smaller size (and/or shape).


Porcelain/ceramic vs natural stone:

trends for bathroom flooringGenerally porcelain and ceramic tiles are easier to clean and maintain. Natural stone is porous and requires sealing…and you need to reseal every few years. Porcelains and ceramics are usually less expensive – both in material and labor costs.


Make sure your tile isn’t too large for the space

While larger tiles are more stylish for many areas of the home, be sure to consider the size of your space. Most bathrooms are smaller, so if you have tiles that are too large, they can over power a room and look awkward.


Also, when tiles are too large, they may cut off at the wrong place along the four walls. Consider this both when selecting floor and wall tiles.


Seal the grout

Most people don’t realize that they should seal the grout…and do this annually. This will prolong the life of the grout as well as prevent mold growth. Thankfully, this is a job you can do yourself. See: Why it’s important to seal your grout an how to do it yourself.



Alternative bathroom flooring choices

Personally, I would recommend using tiles on bathroom floors whenever possible. They tend to hold up the best, are easiest to clean, improve your home’s value, are most preferred (especially for more upscale homes) and last the longest.


If tiled floors are outside of your budget, then I would recommend some sort of luxury vinyl that can be glued down or linoleum floors. Sheet vinyl can also work. Please note that I would NOT recommend luxury vinyl planks that are floated (see below).


Bathroom flooring options to avoid

  • Laminate flooring – Laminate flooring is NOT waterproof. In fact, it absorbs moisture like a sponge…even more than hardwood floors do.


  • Hardwood flooring – Wood and water don’t mix well, so don’t even try it. Wood and moisture don’t work either. Note: hardwood is fine in powder rooms, but don’t attempt to add it to any room that has bathroom or shower.


  • Floating vinyl floors/Engineered vinyl planks (EVP/LVP) – If you haven’t read about Engineered vinyl plank flooring or Luxury Vinyl plank (often abbreviated EVP or LVP) you should check it out if you’re looking for a waterproof alternative to hardwood. While I absolutely love this product and have installed in many kitchens, basements and other areas prone to water or moisture, I would NEVER recommend it for regular bathrooms.

Why? 1) It’s a floating floor, so it often has sloppy edges when it abuts to tile surfaces (e.g. bathtub, shower, tile walls/bullnose) – so it just looks cheap and 2) you run the risk of getting mold. Because it’s a floating floor, water from the bathtub or shower (or even toilet can get BENEATH the flooring and get trapped there. While the top part of the flooring is waterproof, if water gets below, bacteria and mold can get in there and eat the cork underlayment and/or damage the plywood floor underneath.

It’s very tricky and misleading because several manufacturers and retailers are promoting this product for bathrooms. I’m here to warn you against this. You are MUCH better off using tile flooring or any form of glue down vinyl. Note: there are luxury vinyls that look like hardwood and they glue down, and these are great options. But, the floating versions are not smart for regular bathrooms.


  • Carpeting – I think this one goes without saying…can anybody say yuck? It’s a breeding ground for mold and other bad things. While most people find the idea of installing carpet in a bathroom as unsanitary, I still see it from time to time.


What flooring is good for small bathrooms?

The best choices for small bathrooms are to do small tiles (12″ x 12″ or less), mosaic tiles or wood plank tiles.


When you choose tiles that are too large in small bathrooms, they look out of place and make the room look even smaller. Also, you may only get a few tiles across and awkward cuts along the walls.


Mosaics and wood-look planks tend to look better as you stagger them so the cuts don’t look awkward.


What is the cheapest type of flooring for bathroom?

Usually vinyl or linoleum flooring is the cheapest bathroom flooring option, but this really depends on whether the job is done by a professional or do-it-yourselfer.


First, let me explain that linoleum and vinyl are two different types of products, even though most of the public uses them interchangeably. Linoleum is actually a environmentally friendly product made with linseed oil. It is thicker and more durable and used with an environmentally friendly adhesive.


It comes in either 6.5 feet rolls (which can work well in bathrooms that have floors that are under that width on one of the dimensions) as well as squares (usually 13″ x 13″ or 20″ x 20.” Some people choose to use 2 or more colors for an interesting pattern. Linoleum costs more than vinyl.


Vinyl is a petroleum based product, so it’s not environmentally friendly. It’s thinner, less expensive and less durable, especially in the longer term (e.g. 7-10 years later).


Vinyl is available in sheet goods (usually 12 feet wide) or in tiles (some are peel & stick tiles, so they are super easy to install, but less durable, especially to water (which of course we often see in bathrooms. So, if water seeps below, the adhesive becomes less durable and the vinyl tiles often move/shift out of place.


There are also luxury vinyl planks (LVP), but these are not a good option for bathrooms as I explain in this article..


Many do-it-yourselfers feel comfortable installing tiles, but using the sheet rolls is trickier if you’re not an experienced installer.


Conclusion for bathroom tile and flooring trends

So those are my top selections on trending tiles…tiles that are popular and stylish, as well as tiles that should stand the test of time. Hopefully, this will help you as you select bathroom tiles for the floors and walls. And, don’t forget to look at the bathroom holistically. Think about the vanity, paint colors, lighting and other elements that will make the space look it’s best.


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  1. Michelle R Smith

    I had the faux wood plank ceramic or porcelain tiles in a rental. They were the absolute worst. I have never experienced tiles that slippery. It was a death trap. I fell more than once! Grout lines are what stop you from slipping. Little tiles and lots of grout is the safest.

    1. Michelle – Oh yes, that’s a really good point. I always tell my customers to get ones with some texture and slip resistance. This is actually true for ALL types of tiles for the bathrooms. It’s not negotiable and there are actually ratings for this. I will have to edit the article to make sure people bear that in mind. This is also important for kitchens, entryways…and for pets, especially dogs.

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