Cosmopolitan Maple - Black hardwood flooring - WestchesterHardwood flooring – black and white and fabulous all over!


One of the coolest hardwoods I’ve seen is Shaw’s Cosmopolitan Maple.  It comes in black – pure black.  It’s darker than ebony stained floors and actually looks like they are painted black.


Cosmopolitan Maple also comes in a pure white which also looks super stylish.  Unlike white washed oak (which is rather dated), this has a modern look and again looks like it is painted on.


It’s really cool.

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Shaw Cosmopolitan Maple - maple - white hardwood flooring Westchester NYThis hardwood is prefinished, so it’s easy to install and has a tough outer layer so it will last a long time. It also comes in a wide plank (5 inches) for a stylish and modern look.


And, because it’s prefinished and because black and white is so chic, you can actually makes some fun patterns with this.  For example, you can have black as the main color and then create a white border…or even 2 rows of borders.  Or, you can make the floor striped with every other board alternating black and white.  It’s fun to consider the design possibilities.


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Black and White Hardwood Floors – Chic and Stylish – Westchester NY