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Carpet runner trends in Westchester County

Westchester NY – Trends in Carpet Runners – Westchester NY

carpet runners for stairs in Westchester countyLately, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for Carpet runners on stairs in Westchester County Runners on the stairs serve 2 purposes: 1) safety (less likely to trip, easier on your feet and easier for pets to go up/down the stairs) and 2) decorative (this is especially important if steps can be viewed from the entryway – afterall, it’s the first impression of your home).


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Here are trends I’m seeing in Westchester County for Carpet runners:

carpet runner moroccan westchester county1) Simpler styles are in and “less is more.”  Regardless of whether it’s a higher quality/fancier runner, simpler designs seem to be winning out.  These have both an upscale appearance and importantly don’t compete with the area rugs and decor in other adjoining rooms (usually the living room and dining room).  For example, this pin dot runner is upscale and versatile…and timeless.


2) Contrast the color of the runner vs. the hardwoodBlending on the steps does not work.  If you going to add a runner, make it work visually so you celebrate a wonderful duet between the carpet and the steps.


Carpet runner in Westchester - Shaw Tracery3) Tuck the carpet under the treads for a neat tailored look; avoid waterfall style which looks less upscale and tends to collect more dust.  Less skilled installers will sometimes do waterfall style as it is easier, but this style doesn’t look as nice and sometime causes a bit more slipping.


4) Avoid using stair rodsBack in the olden days, stair rods were functional – they literally attached the runners and held them in place.  Nowadays, the rods are just decorative (and add to the cost).  Most feel they are outdated and pretentious.  Also, young kids have a tendency to trip on them, so they are not the safest.  And, they can permanently damage your steps.


5) Colors and styles that help hide the dirt. Steps are heavy trafficked areas, so it’s important to be practical here.  Avoid light colors as these show every bit of dirt.  And, interestingly enough, very dark colors show the dirt/dust, too, so usually a mid color is best.  Also, when there are multiple colors, this will usually help hide the dirt.

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Carpet runner trends in Westchester County


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