2014 Carpet Trends – 6 trends for the new year

What’s hot and stylish when it comes to carpets?  Here are the carpet trends that I’m seeing for 2014.  As you’ll see, some of the trends overlap.


For a more current version of carpet trends see my article 2017 Carpet trends.


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1. Carpet runners on steps

Carpet runner on stairs WestchesterStair runners continue to grow in popularity, especially as more consumers convert from carpet to hardwood floors.  Hardwood flooring is definitely the preferred surface, but the one area that almost all customers prefer carpet is on the steps – both for safety and for design.  Click here for a complete guide on carpet runners.  This even includes a video I made.




2. Natural fibers, especially wool and sisal

carpet trends for 2014 Wool As the trend towards ecofriendly options grows, so does the demand for natural fibers, especially wools and sisals.  These carpets are preferred by higher end customers for 2 reasons: 1) they are natural and ecofriendly, and 2) they often have a “minimalist” style.  The colors are natural/muted and the patterns are subtle and sophisticated.  These carpets trap less dirt and allergens, leading to better indoor air quality.  They often repel stains better, too.  While wool and sisal carpets tend to cost more, they do last longer, both saving money in the long run, and also adding to the green nature of the products.


3.  Tailored berbers or looped carpets

tailored berber carpet trends for 2014Looped berber carpets are popular, especially for family rooms and steps, and other high traffic areas.  The trend seems to be more towards a more tailored and sophisticated look with small, subtle patterns.  These small patterns add some style and class and they also help hide the dirt.  Some prefer stripes, some squares and some a more random look.  Many of these are mimicking the styles of natural wool and sisal carpets.


4.  Minimalist design and Neutral colors

Neutral carpets will always be the most popular as they are the most versatile.  By choosing a neutral color carpet, it gives you flexibility with paint colors, window treatments, furniture, bedding and pillows.   Now, as natural fibers are growing in popularity, the beiges and grays are even more popular.  The “Less is more” trend is showing itself both in colors (for the overall room) and in more simple designs and patterns such as ribbing and small tailored patterns.

ribbed wood carpet 2014 trends

striped carpet shaw 2014 carpet trends woold carpet 2014 trends westhester









5.  Tone on tone or two toned carpets

Tone on tone carpets have been rapidly growing with more patterns and styles available each year.  These patterns are created by having part of the carpet cut and part looped for a multidimensional look that appears to have 2 colors.  It’s a great way to add visual intrique to your room without adding a lot of color complexity. Over the last coucople of years, I’ve been seeing more two toned patterns where there literally are 2 colors in the carpet, usually with one slightly darker and one slightly slighter, but the same tones.

Patterned carpet - tone on tone diamond - Westchester NY

Acapella carpet dark brown shaw caress line westchester

2014 carpet trends for westcheter county tone=on-tone










5a. Moroccan style patterned carpets

moroccan carpet and runner 2014 trendsThis is really a subsegment of the two tone carpets, but it’s so popular and stylish that I thought I would create its own separate category.  You can find the Moroccan pattern everywhere on the internet.  It’s a hot and mesmerizing pattern (as it repeats itself).  It’s popular on pillows, wallpaper, tiles and super chic for stair runners.  It can work as a stand alone pattern adding visual intrigue to your steps and entry foyer without adding lots of colors.





6.  Super soft plush carpets for bedrooms

Saxony carpet shaw cashmere IV westchester saxony While customers are split on hardwood vs. carpet for the bedroom (about half prefer hardwood), those that prefer carpet almost always go for a soft and plush feel for the bedroom – the softer the better. The manufacturers have been responding to this with new super soft products such as Shaw’s new Caress and Cashmere line.  These products are so soft and scrumptious…that some even feel softer than high end wools.  In the Westchester NY market, the preference for soft plush carpets is for solid textures and saxonies.  You can read more about Shaw’s Caress line here – What is a saxony carpet?


For a more current version of carpet trends see my article 2017 Carpet trends.

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