How to decorate and accessorize a room when you have gray walls and dark hardwood flooring

Yes, Dark hardwood floors and gray walls are all the rage these days.  Dark hardwood flooring (e.g. ebony, espresso, jacobean, dark walnut) is #1 for floors and gray paint is #1 for walls.  So, I thought it would be helpful to put together some great furniture choices to complement this dark flooring/gray paint combo.

Decorating with dark hardwood and gray walls


For many of these room scenes, I’ve found where you can purchase the furniture, area rugs, pillows, ottomans and other accessories.  So check out the “Shop this room” sections, and then you can follow the links to buy the items (or similar ones) online.  Also, many of the images and links are clickable too.

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Decorating rooms with dark floors and gray paintFor hardwood floors, the most popular stain colors are dark walnut, jacobean, ebony or a combo blend of these (personally, I love 50/50 blend of dark walnut/ebony.  And, if you’re looking for super duper dark, you can try Duraseal’s new True Black.  Note:  I strongly recommend using Duraseal stains rather than Minwax as their stains are better…and Duraseal what the pros use.


You can read more about Duraseal vs Minwax stains in this article.  Duraseal generally isn’t available in the big box stores or paint stores, but you can purchase them on Amazon.   And, you can read about the best brands of polyurethane here.  And, you can check out my full article on stain trends and colors here.


For paint colors, we generally use Sherwin Williams, and the most popular color is currently Silver Pointe.  But, there are many gray options, pending if you want lighter or darker gray, a bluer gray or a gray with more taupy undertones.  Benjamin Moore is another wonderful paint brand.  You can purchase one of Benjamin Moore’s Fan deck on Amazon. These fan decks will really help you look at the colors as well as coordinating colors (e.g. if you want to do an accent wall.  For both the stains and paints, I’d encourage you to test real samples in your home.  .


It’s also noteworthy that cool colors such as grays and blues (as well as black, white and dark brown) are in; warm tones, especially yellows/golds/reds are dated.  Grays are preferred over beige.  All that aside, this refers to main colors for the floors and walls.  From a decorating perspective, sometimes a pop of contrasting warm color can work when it’s an accent color in an area rug or pillow.  E.g. oddly enough, when gray is dominant color, color pops of yellow can give your room a fresh look.  I will also note that it fun to decorate with accent colors and it’s an inexpensive way to refresh a room for a new look, or a seasonal look.  So, I prefer to go neutral for the primary/stable colors of the room (i.e. floors, walls, central pieces of furniture) and then mix it up with accent colors.

Decorating with dark hardwood and gray walls

So let’s get started.  Here are some rooms with dark hardwood floors and gray walls.

Decorating a room with dark hardwood and gray walls. decorating dark hardwood gray walls

The floors here are a 50/50 blend of dark walnut and ebony.  You can buy a similar white/gray area rugTraditional Vintage Moroccan trellis Grey Area Rugs, 6 Feet 7 Inches by 9 Feet (6′ 7″ x 9′) on Amazon.  On Amazon, you can also find a less expensive rectangular pendant light.


For the other items in this room, check out below – Shop this room:  (just click on any of the images below for me details, close ups or to buy).


How to decorate with gray walls and dark hardwood flooring - bedroom decorating dark hardwood gray walls

I love this room and feature the picture in a lot of my blog posts.  This room is a bit more taupy/beige and brown, so I’ve recreated it with more gray tones, as you’ll see.  The floors are dark walnut.  Here’s a similar style rug in gray that you can buy on Amazon.


For the rest of the items, see below – Shop the room


decorating a living room with dark hardwoods and gray paint - navy area rug

This room uses a jacobean stain and tap into the popular and growing navy area rug trend.  I’ve included some links below (in the shop this room  section for the rug), but I have have more navy area rug selections in this article:  Affordable navy area rugs.  This article also has information on determining the ideal size and shape and placement for area rugs.

Check out below to Shop this room:


dark hardwood gray walls - how to decorate and accessorize

This room is stained with dark walnut and jacobean blend.  I love the patterned chairs, and if you “shop the post,”  you’ll see several options of black/white/gray patterned chairs.  They really do a lot for the room especially when they are coordinated with fun pillows.  I think the sofa looks better as a light beige/cream to high light the chairs and pillows.  Also, this room uses a square 9 x 9 area rug, and those are challenging to find (as most area rugs are rectangular.  You’ll also find the glass nesting tables.



decorating rooms with dark hardwood and gray walls. Shop this post. I’m going to add some more rooms soon (these take a while to do), so stay tuned.  In the meantime, have fun decorating and accessorizing.

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