So what are the best DIY tools for hardwood installations?  Which ones do you need?

DIY Hardwood flooring installation tools - 9 tools every do-it-yourselfer needs for hardwood floors


If you’re planning to install hardwood flooring yourself, be sure to plan ahead and have all of the tools you need on hand.  There’s nothing worse than getting started and then realizing that you’re missing something important. 


Below are my top recommendations for hardwood flooring installation tools.  You can order these on Amazon (and I’m sure they’ll be less expensive vs your local hardware store).  And, the shipping is free.

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First, you will need 3 different types of saws

1.  Mitre Saw:  The DeWalt Mitre Saw is the most popular saw used by both professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers.  And, don’t forget to get the blades.  The mitre saw will help you with all the angles you will need to cut (especially around doors and challenging angles). You can also use this for the mitres in the base molding.


Note:  Please be careful with the power saws an all power tools.  You can get injured.  Please follow the safety instructions carefully.


2.  Table Saw – This will be the main saw you’ll be using.  The DeWalt table saw is a great choice.  This has a powerful 1830 watt motor for superior performance.  And, the cast table top design ensures accuracy and precision.






3.  Hand Saw – You’ll be using the hand saw for the base molding, as well patch or repair work.  This hand saw from DeWalt has a “ToughCoat” low friction coating for less drag.


Second, you will need nail guns and a compressor

4.  Angled Manual Nailer – This will be the main nailer you use.  It nails in at a 45 degree angle at the tongue joints.  That way, you don’t see the nails as they are hidden in the floor.  DeWalt is the option most installers prefer.  This comes with a rubber hammer (which you’ll need to make sure the wood is tight and will reduce gaps).  Don’t be fooled by some others that may save you $20.  They often won’t include this tool.



5.  Finishing Nail Gun – This will be to nail the wood on the edges near the walls.  Because the Angled Nailer is at a 45 degree angle, the wall will interfere with nailer for the last 3-4 boards.  So, the Finishing Nailer will help here. Most installers prefer DeWalt Angled Finish nailer.  This can also be used on the base molding.



6.  Air Compressor – The air compressor and hose is needed for the nailers to work.  You need a 5 gallon one. This will give you the air pressure you’ll need for proper nailing.  Here’s a good one from DeWalt that is reasonably priced.



7.  Nail Puncher Set – This will help you punch in the nails further.  This is especially needed for those that don’t install hardwood everyday and they will also help you for the edges pieces where you’ll have some face nails.  You can get one from DeWalt here.


Third, you’ll want to have these tools on hand

8.  Pliers – These will come in handy especially if you are removing carpet.  You need to get all of the staples out (and if you are removing carpet on the steps, you may find a lot of extra staples there).  Here are some pliers from DeWalt.


9.  Chalk reel, tape measure and pencil – Yes, the philosophy is measure twice and cut one.  I’m guessing you have a pencil on hand, and most likely a tape measure.  (If not, you get a Tape Measure here.  The chalk reel will help ensure you create straight lines with the wood.




DIY Hardwood Installation tools - 9 must have tools for do-it-yourselfersThese tools should enable you to have a smooth and beautiful do-it-yourself installation.  You may have some of these on hand already.  But, make sure you have all the necessary tools. 


Below are some item inexpensive items that will help you prolong the life of your amazing hardwood floors (cleaning product, felt pads, plastic mats for rolling chairs, etc.).  After all that work, you’ll want want to preserve your work product.


Complementary products that will prolong the life of your hardwood floors


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