Westchester County Green Flooring Trends

We’ve been getting more and more requests for Green flooring options, especially among our higher end customers. There are many ways to go green (or even greenish) with your flooring, but here are the top 5 trends.

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westchester green flooring trends hardwood1. Converting from Carpet to Hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is definitely in style.  It looks and feels beautiful, it’s easy to clean, and it adds value to your home.  In addition, hardwood flooring lasts a LONG time.  Many solid hardwood floors can last 100+ years (vs. carpets which are typically replaced every 5-7 years).  Carpet is petroleum based (and as oil prices increase so do carpet prices) vs. hardwood is a natural product – grown and manufactured in the US.  And, many homeowners are leveraging the hardwood floors that are underneath their carpets.  This is a wonderful way to improve your home’s value without wasting additional resources (and it will save you money vs. recarpeting.


Green flooring trends - cork - westchester NY2. Cork flooring. Cork floors are stylish and sustainable,  and you can read more about how cork flooring is made and why it’s considered green here.  We are getting more and more requests for cork, especially for kitchens.  Customers are intrigued by all the varieties of cork that are now available.  But, most importantly, they LOVE how it feels on your feet!  It’s feels smooth/soft, it’s warm on your, and it’s easier on your feet.



westchester bamboo flooring green floors3. Bamboo flooring.  Bamboo has been on the rise, the last 5 yrs.  Not only are customers proactively asking about bamboo flooring, but they are also getting more sophisticated in their taste and knowledge.  Many customers now ask me about strand  woven bamboo which is much harder and more durable than the typical bamboo.  Besides the fact that bamboo looks nice and tends to be less expensive than your typical hardwood, one of the other great benefits of bamboo is that it provides flexibility for installation – it can be nailed, glued or floated.  It is the only solid product that can be glued to a cement floor…so it can be a much more economical option for Westchester apartments/co-ops/condos that do not have plywood subfloor.  The engineered versions can also work in basements.


wool carpet green flooring trends4.  Wool carpets.  My higher end customers, love wool carpets.  They are natural, soft and last longer than the typical nylon or polyester carpets.  And, for those in apartments where carpet is required, or just for those that want something warm and comfy on their bedroom floor, wool is a nice natural option.  It’s more expensive than the typical nylon or polyester carpet, but it will definitely last longer, so in the long run, it will save money.  It also tends to hold up a bit better with stains.



westchester county linoleum

5.  Linoleum flooring rather than vinyl.  Many customers get vinyl and linoleum confused.  Vinyl is petroleum based, but linoleum is made with linseed oil and it is a green product.  It’s thicker than vinyl and tends to last longer.  It also comes in some fun colors.  Linoleum tends to cost more than most vinyls, but it will usually last longer.  Linoleum comes in sheets and tiles, and you can get creative with the pattern


Complementary products that will prolong the life of your hardwood floors

Green Flooring Trends for Westchester NY