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Hardwood flooring: 5 reasons that hardwood is so popular in Westchester County

Hardwood is the preferred flooring for Westchester County and it continues to grow.

Hardwood flooring westchester in kitchen We get so many requests for hardwood flooring – either to add new hardwood floors or to refinish the hardwood floors that are underneath the carpet.  In case you hadn’t heard… hardwood is in style.  Here’s why hardwood floors are so popular.

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1.  Hardwood floors are stylish, authentic and timeless.
Everyone loves the look and feel of hardwood floors.   They are naturally beautiful and they give a home a nice warm feeling.  Hardwood comes in many colors and styles from a rustic distressed look to a traditional to contemporary modern.  You, can make them light or stain them dark brown or anywhere in between.  Nothing beats the natural look of hardwood and when you have the same hardwood flooring in all areas, it also makes your home look larger.


Distressed hardwood flooring westchester NY2.  Hardwood floors last a long time. 

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime…and then some.  We have refinished hardwood floors from the 1800’s (and even one from the 1,700’s).  They are timeless and will last for generations to come.  Unlike carpet which is replace every 5-7 years (on average), hardwood can last well over a hundred years.


Hardwood floorins - Westchester County NY3.  Hardwood flooring improves the value of your home.

Hardwood flooring is an investment.  Not only do most consumers prefer hardwood, but it will later help you sell your home for a higher price which will more than pay for that investment.  Also, the government classifies hardwood flooring as a capital improvement.  So, not only will you pay reduced taxes on hardwood (vs. carpeting), but if you file a capital improvement form, the amount you paid can also reduce your taxes later when you sell your home as it will reduce your capital gains.


  • In the long run, hardwood flooring costs less than carpet.  You will definitely spend more initially on the hardwood, but you won’t be constantly replacing the carpet every several years.  Plus, with carpeting, many customers will also pay a professional carpet cleaner annually.  And, with the rising costs of carpeting (they are petroleum based so as oil prices go up, so do carpet prices.


  • The gap between the prices for hardwood flooring and carpeting has narrowed.  Hardwood prices have remained relatively flat while carpet prices (which are petroleum based) had risen dramatically over the last 4-5 years along with the price of oil.  It is common to have at between 2-4 price increases on carpet annually.


Westchester hardwood flooring4.  Hardwood flooring is easier to clean and maintain.

If you spill food or drink on carpet, it often stains, and dirt/mud from your shoes/boots certainly tend to make the carpet dirty.  Hardwood is much easier to keep clean and maintain the beauty for a much longer period of time.  They need less chemicals and cleaning them is faster than carpet or tile.


5.  Hardwood flooring is great for those with allergies or asthma.

Many doctors recommend customers trade up from carpeting to hardwood flooring if they or one of their kids has asthma.  Carpet has a tendency to trap more dust and allergens.  According to the American Lung Association, wood floors in your bedrooms and other main living areas can improve indoor air quality.


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