Hardwood flooring an authentic part part of Westchester homesIn Westchester NY, hardwood floors are the preferred flooring.  It is beautiful, natural, authentic, timeless and just goes with everything.  It makes your space look larger and it is easier to clean.  In the long run, it will also save you money (vs. carpet that gets dirty and needs to be replaced every 5-7 yrs).  And, of course, it improves the value of your home.


Over the weekend, I read an article about why hardwood flooring is so popular…besides the obvious.  What I thought was so interesting is that one of the reasons deep down inside that we love hardwood flooring is this overriding cultural trend towards AUTHENTICITY.  With so much going on in our lives, and so much distrust out there (whether it’s government, corporations, banks, or whatever), we all crave people and things that are REAL and GENUINE.  We take comfort in the people and things we can rely on.  We love to look back to the past – the good old days, the simpler times…when life was easier and less complicated.

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Distressed hardwood flooring Westchester NY - Barrel CreekHardwood flooring is a perfect example of a product that embodies that feeling.  First, the wood has been around for a long time – often it’s taken over 100 years for those trees to grow.  Second, that hardwood will be here for at least another century enduring through the generations.  Third, because hardwood is a natural product, it has natural variation.  Each piece is different – some pieces are darker, some lighter; the graining is different on each piece.  And, over time, it ages…and it gets more beautiful with age.  It truly is a stunning product.


Westchester hardwood floors - oak flooring

There are so many hardwood styles and colors.  Take a look at this hardwood flooring video to see the breadth of choices available for your Westchester NY home.



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