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Larchmont NY 10538 Community Guide – History, Traditions, Local info

Community Guide Larchmont NY 10538 – History, Traditions and interesting tidbits.

This Larchmont Community Guide is written by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl, and Karen Colin.

We hope this is useful for the residents of Larchmont as well as those new or looking to move into the area.  You can contact us at 914-937-2950, especially if you have any flooring needs or questions.  If there are areas you would like us to add, please leave us a comment below.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Larchmont community guideLarchmont is a 1.1 square mile area just north of NYC, and towards the south eastern section of Westchester County. On the east, Larchmont abuts the Long Island Sound, and Mamaroneck is the the northeast. New Rochelle is to the south and west, and Scarsdale to the north.  It’s a walkable town with a friendly village atmosphere, just 35 minute commute from the hustle and bustle of New York City.  Larchmont is known for it’s tree lined streets and easy access to the Long Island Sound shore.

History of Larchmont:

Manor Park in Winter Larchmont NY 10538Larchmont was originally home to the Siwanoy Indians and discovered by the Dutch in 1614. Larchmont derived its name from the Larch tree, a Scottish species of fast growing trees, which were imported by Peter Munro in 1816. These trees were planted at the historic ‘Manor House’ which was built in 1797 by Peter Jay Munro and remains a private home and historic point of interest.

The first train line came down from Boston in 1845, and was extended to NYC in the early 1870’s.   Most of the manor houses were constructed between 1880 – 1910.  The newer section of Larchmont (north of Boston Post Road) was mainly built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The village of Larchmont, which is located in the Town of Mamaroneck, was incorporated in 1891 and quickly became a popular resort community for wealthy NYC. Many notable personalities have resided in this leafy village. Famous film stars such as Maurice Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to noted writers Jean and Walter Kerr have made there homes here as well as Joan Rivers, the Famed Doc Severson, the Austrian composer and conductor Alexander von Zemlinsky and many more including the academy award winning film director Ang Lee.

Tudor in Larchmont NY 10538Larchmont is home to the historic Annual Larchmont Race Week hosted by the Larchmont Yacht Club. A tradition for 113 years, where world-class yacht racing is provided to competitive sailors from the very young to the seasoned yachtsmen.

Larchmont has been ranked #33 in the US for cities with oldest homes, #45 in highest median house value and #54 in household income.

In July of 2005, CNN/Money ranked Larchmont as the 11th best place to live in the U.S.

A great commute to midtown Manhattan via Metro North is approx 37 min. to Grand Central Station.

How did Larchmont get its name?

In 1797, the original Manor house was built by Peter Jay Munro (nephew of John Jay, the first US Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  The house was built at the Prospect and Elm Avenues and the original larches of Larchmont were brought in by a Scottish Gardner to help screen out the dust and noise.  Originally, the house faced the Boston Post Road which was already a busy way.  The Scottish gardener sent to Scotland for Larch seeds since these trees grow quickly and they are hardy trees.  These are believed to be the original trees, making them around 200 years old.

Larchmont NY houseHowever, Larchmont was not named Larchmont until 50 years later when Edward Knight Collins purchased the land from one of Munro’s descendants.  At that point, he remodeled the manor house and the parcel (which extended to the shoreline) and named the area Larchmont to reflect the high position of the house on the hilltop as well as the lush trees.  The village was later incorporated in 1891.

Unlike other conifers (which are called “evergreens,” the Larch tree actually sheds its needles each fall. In the fall, their needles turn a distinctive golden yellow, and then are renewed in the spring with a soft light green.

An interesting tidbit on Larches is that they seem to be very efficient processors of Carbon Dioxide and may possibly aid in countering the Greenhouse effect.

Larchmont Tree Street names – A village full of trees!

Pulitzer Prize winning poet Phyllis McGinley immortalized the village of Larchmont in her poem “I know a Village” where she stated “where all the streets are named for trees.”  While not all of the streets are named after trees, here is collection of street names that are gathered that are related to trees.

  • Beech Ave
  • Cedar Ave
  • Cherry Ave
  • Chestnut Ave
  • East Hickory Grove Dr
  • Elm Ave
  • Fern Rd
  • Forest Ave
  • Forest Park Ave
  • Grove Ave
  • Holly Pl
  • Kilmer
  • Larchmont Ave
  • Leafy Ln
  • Magnolia Ave
  • Maple Ave
  • Maple Hill Dr
  • Maplewood
  • Mulberry Ln
  • Myrtle Blvd
  • Oak Ave
  • Pinebrook Dr
  • Vine St
  • Walnut Ave
  • West Hickory Grove Dr
  • Willow Ave
  • Woods Way
  • Woody Ln

tudor in Larchmont NYTypes of Architecture in Larchmont NY 10538:

  • Tudors
  • Victorians
  • Colonials

Demographics for Larchmont:

Larchmont has one of highest household incomes in the New York state and the US.  In fact, it was ranked #54 in the US for median income.  In 2011, the median household income was around $169,000.


The village population is 5,864 as of the 2010 Census.


  • 29% under 18
  • 4% 18-24 years old
  • 24% 25-44 years old
  • 27% 45-64 years old
  • 13% 65+ years old


  • 51% female
  • 49% male

Household Make up

  • 63% married
  • 39% households with kids (<18) living at home


  • 88% White
  • 6% Hispanic
  • 3% Asian
  • 1% African American


  • 40 minute average commute time
  • 6.2% Unemployed


The climate for Larchmont NY is similar to NYC and Westchester County with temperatures typically varying between 21 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit.  It rarely drops below 7 degrees or above 90 degrees.  The warm season is from end of May to mid September.  On average, July 25th and coldest day (on average) is July 20th.

Larchmont NY average monthly temperatures


Larchmont has a relatively low unemployment rate of 6.2%.  Job growth over the next 10 years is projected at 33%. Sales tax is 7 3/8%, consistent with the majority of Westchester County NY.


  • 30% Education, Legal, Media
  • 29% Management, Business, Financial Services
  • 19% Sales and Office
  • 7%   Service Occupations
  • 6%   Healthcare

Parks and areas of interest in Larchmont NY:

Manor Park:

Its history dates back to the 17th century when first discovered by a Dutch ship captain. The Park consists of about 6 acres and it’s shoreline runs along the Long Island Sound. Known for its winding walking paths, gazebos and incredible views of the Long Island Sound, it is privately owned by the Larchmont Manor Park Society and is open to the public from dawn to dusk.  914-834-4309

The Larchmont Yacht Club:

A private, members only Yacht Club. Founded in 1880 and host to ‘Larchmont Race Week’ since 1885 where competitive sailors come from far and wide to compete in races on the Long Island Sound. The Club offers a private beach, a pool, summer camp and a sailing camp for it’s members along with formal and informal dining facilities. 914-834-2440

The Larchmont Shore Club:

Built in 1906 as a private residence for Aimee Crocker the youngest daughter of Judge E.B. Crocker, the founder of the Southern Pacific Railroad and later sold to Rudolf Schaefer, the owner of New York’s Schaefer brewery. In 1925 it was again sold to the founding members of the present Larchmont Shore Club. Now a private club set on 7 acres of shoreline, its members enjoy various activities including a private beach and pool, formal and informal dining, tennis and sailing including a summer sailing program and camp for children. It is also the host the annual Swim across America. 914-834-1516

Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club:

This was founded in 1888 and it’s located in a protected cove on the Long Island Sound within Manor park.  Picturesque views of the Sound.   Their mission is to promote sailing, casual racing, kayaking and comraderie. They have many social activities and a rich history which has created a special place in the hearts of many local sailors. 914-834-9418.

The Larchmont Reservoir- James G Johnson Jr. Conservancy:

A 60 acre expanse of land and water known as The Larchmont Reservoir, once the main water supply for untold centuries, now preserved as a “conservation area for activities
Appropriate to its natural setting and quiet beauty” – which includes nature study, wildlife preservation, flood control and environmental and local history education. An open air classroom offers education to all especially pre-schoolers and school –age children.

Friends of the Reservoir sponsor year round nature walks and summer programs.  914-834-1443

Parks Include:

Flint Park, hosting sports facilities including tennis, baseball and soccer fields.
Hommocks Park, hosts an Olympic size pool and skating rink
Pinebrook Park, playground
Vanderburgh Park also known as Turtle Park – great for the little tikes.
Willow/Woodbine Park
Lorenzo/Woodbine Park

Larchmont Public Schools:

Larchmont community guide - schoolsThere are two Pre – k programs, four public elementary schools, two private elementary schools, one middle school and the Mamaroneck High School with in the Mamaroneck School district.

  • Chatsworth Avenue School serves grades kindergarten through 5th grade
  • Murray Avenue School serves kindergarten through 5th grade. 914-220-3700
  • Central School serves kindergarten through 5th grade. 914-220-3400
  • Mamaroneck Avenue School serves kindergarten through 5th grade
  • St. John and Paul’s elementary School – private elementary school
  • The Larchmont French – American School of New York.  A private elementary school serving students grades 1-5.


The Hommocks Middle School serves grades 6, 7, and 8. 914-220-3300
The Mamaroneck High School grades 9 – 12. 914-220-3100


St. Johns Episcopal, pre – k program
Larchmont Ave Church , pre – k program

Education Statistics:

Larchmont ranks #39 in the country for best educated cities (based on percent of population with bachelor’s degree or higher).

  • 99% high school education or higher
  • 84% bachelor degrees or higher
  • 46% graduate or professional degrees

Larchmont restaurants:

  • Anna Maria’s
  • Chat 19 – 19 Chatsworth Ave 914-833-8871
  • Coriander Modern Indian – 154 Larchmont Ave 914-235-1300
  • Don Coqui
  • Encore Bistro Francais – 22 Chatsworth Ave 914-833-1661
  • Larchmont Tavern
  • La Riserva Trattoria
  • Lusardi’s Restaurant – 1885 Palmer Ave 914-834-5555
  • Madison Kitchen – 7 Madison Ave 914-732-3024
  • Palmer's Crossing in Larchmont NYPalmer’s Crossing
  • Palomino Restaurant – 141 Chatsworth Ave 914-630-7871
  • Plates – 121 Myrtle Blvd 914-834-1244
  • Turquoise – 1895 Palmer Ave 914-834-9888
  • Vintage 1891 Kitchen – 2098 Boston Post Rd 914-834-9463


Coffee Shops:

  • Aroma
  • Bradley’s
  • East Avenue Cafe
  • Starbucks

Houses of Worship:

Larchmont Avenue Presbyterian Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Saint Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church
Congregation Sulum Yaakov
The Larchmont Temple
St. John And Paul.

Real Estate Market Summary for Mamaroneck School District – 2013:

Larchmont NY 10538 houseLarchmont is a very desirable community with just a 35 minute commute to NYC.  As a result, homes in Larchmont tend to sell rather quickly (usually faster than most towns in Westchester County).  Because of its close proximity to the City, land is limited and most homes have 1/2 an acre or less for their property.  Larchmont has a wide range of properties ranging from palatial waterfront mansions to condos and co-ops that are 1 to 3 bedrooms (but most of these are outside the village but within the postal zip code of 10538).

Real Estate Market Summary for Properties Sold – Larchmont NY, 10538: 1/1/2013 to 12/31/2013

Average $ 1,319,301
Median $ 1,075,888
Minimum $ 298,000
Maximum $ 8,862,000

Homes sold in 2013 – 215 (+21% vs. year ago)

Median Sale price +4% vs. year ago
*Data believed accurate but not guaranteed. All data subject to verification

Larchmont Real Estate Brokerages

  • Houlihan Lawrence – 2070 Boston Post Rd 914-833-0420
  • Julia B Fee Sotheby’s – 1946 Palmer Ave 914-834-0270
  • Coldwell Banker – 140 Larchmont Ave, 914-834-7100
  • Weichert – 2090 Boston Post Rd 914-833-0800


Types of flooring that are popular in Larchmont:

  • How to get dark hardwood floors in Larchmont NY 10538Hardwood flooring, especially oak and dark stains (ebony, espresso, jacobean, dark walnut)
  • Carpet runners for steps
  • Higher end carpets as well as natural fibers – wool, sisal and tone-on-tone patterns.  Styles are both traditional and contempo/transitional.




Local Banks for Larchmont:

  • Capital One – 1370 Boston Post Rd 833-7971
  • Citibank – 1920 Palmer Ave 834-7878
  • Hudson City Savings Bank 2040 Boston Post Rd 833-2890
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank – 125 Chatsworth Ave (834-8239), 1350 Boston Post Rd (834-9200)
  • TD Bank – 107 Chatsworth Ave (834-0871), 1289 Boston Post Rd (834-0953)
  • Wells Fargo – 1940 Palmer Ave (834-6400), 2065 Boston Post Rd (834-2090)

Important Phone numbers

  • Larchmont Fire Department 914-834-0016
  • Larchmont Police Department 834-1000 for non emergency (411 for emergency), 914-834-3344 for ambulance
  • Larchmont Post Office – 1 Chatsworth Ave – 914-834-4962
  • Larchmont Public Library – 121 Chatsworth Ave 914-834-2281
  • Larchmont Chamber of Commerce – 1 Chatsworth Ave, PO Box 800 914-882-1568
  • Larchmont Newcomers Club 914-378-9545
  • Garbage Disposal 914-381-7810
  • Larchmont Recreation Department 914-6230 Press #6
  • Larchmont Village Court 914-6230 Press #5
  • County Clerk 914-6230 Press #8
  • Engineer’s Office 914-6230 Press #4
  • Parking violations 914-6230 Press #5
  • Building inspections 914-6230 Press #4
  • Tax and Treasurer 914-6230 Press #3

Famous Larchmont Residents:

  • Edward Albee – Pulitzer and Tony award winning playwright
  • Douglas Fairbanks, actor, screen writer, director and producer
  • Timothy Geitner, US Secretary of Treasury
  • Moss Hart, award winning playwright
  • Ang Lee, Oscar winning director
  • Mary Pickford, Academy Award winning actress
  • Joan Rivers, Actress and Comedienne



Larchmont NY 10538 Community Guide – History, Traditions, Local info


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  1. Hello, my grandfather and his family lived in the manor around 1900 I’m trying to find the address.? Max Buchspies, the home was close to the yacht club.

    1. What a great place to live. I would suggest that you contact the Westchester County Clerk’s office. Their number is 914-995-3080. I just happened to call them this morning as they have all the records. They may be able to help you.

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