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Moroccan Trellis and Quatrefoil area Rugs

Where to find and buy Quatrefoil (or Moroccan Trellis) area rugs and matching accessories

Area ruges with quatrefoils or Moroccan Trellis

Shaw Taza grayYes, the quatrefoil design is everywhere! Have you noticed it? Or have you been living in cave?


The design is stylish and sleek. It’s what I would describe as transitional and contemporary. It works so well in so many homes because it adds visual intrigue without adding lots of color that can conflict with other design elements (such as paint, window treatments, other area rugs, pillows), etc. This two toned pattern (and other variations) are by far the most popular designs that we install for carpet runners.


carpet runner moroccan trellis westchester countyBut, what if you just need an area rug? Your most efficient method of buying area rugs is to find a pre-cut one in a store or online. (Most shop-at-home flooring stores (or brick and mortar carpet stores) will not spend their time coming to your home, just for an area rug.  It’s not worth their time. 


So, I put together a set of Moroccan Trellis area rugs that you can buy directly from Amazon and have them shipped to your home.  I also added in some complementary accessories (e.g. pillows, window treatments, etc at the end.  I hope you find this helpful.

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What is a quatrefoil?

A quatrefoil is an ornamental design with four lobes resembling a flower or 4 leaf clover.  The word derives from the latin for “four leaves” as the lobes all have the same diameter.


quatrefoil shape   quatrefoil shape   Barbed quatrefoil












When you see angles interspersed (as in the image on the left), it’s called a barbed quatrefoil.  It’s pierced at the angles by the points of an inscribed square, which gives an image akin to an heraldic rose.  The term barbed derives from the look of thorns that have pierced the petals.



The quatrefoil is an architectural framework consisting of a symmetrical shape and has been seen as early as 850 BC.  In architecture, its peak popularity took place during the Gothic and Renaissance eras.  You can see quatrefoils (or barbed quatrefoils) in a these famous landmarks – Notre Dame in Paris, the National Cathedral in DC, Gilberti’s Bapistry doors in Florence, the Reims Cathedral in France and the Doge’s Palace in Venice.


Although the original symbolism was derived in Christianity, it is more often not associated with religion, especially nowadays.  Here’s how some cultures interpreted the quartrefoil:

  • Celtic Culture – the wheel of being
  • Christianity – Symbolized the 4 evangelists of the Bible: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • Native American Culture – the 4 ends of the earth – North, South, East, West
  • Seattle First Baptist Church – ancient symbol of good luck


Area rugs with Moroccan Trellis or quatrefoilsNowadays, it symbolizes harmony, symmetry and proportion.  Many believe that it conveys feelings of good luck and fortune.


Aesthetically, I love it because it’s geometric, incorporating both curves and lines/corners.  I also love that it’s foot print leaves the “imprint” of the same space.  It’s very clever and very soothing at the same time.


What does Moroccan Trellis mean and where did the term come from?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I’m kidding a bit, but the truth is that I can’t find any online reference for this.  I believe the term comes from Moroccan Tile as moroccan tiles come in that shape.  It seems to be the modern usage of the term and helps incorporate a broader theme or variation on the shape, including the shape within the shape (see below for some of the area rug designs and you’ll see what I mean.


For all intents and purposes, though, quatrefoil and Moroccan Trellis are synonyms and are used interchangeably in decor.


Area rugs with quatrefoil/moroccan trellis patterns


The most most popular color seems to be gray.  (No surprise there).  Please note that most of these come in other colors as well such a beige, brown, navy and many other colors.  Click on the images as this will take to a spot on Amazon where you can see the other colors and size.


Often, it’s a smart idea to get a matching entry mat for the door (and/or the kitchen).  And, by all means, get an area rug pad (I have a link for that as well).  Area rug pads will help prolong the life of your carpet, reduce slipping and importantly protect your hardwood floors.


Silken Modern Moroccan Trellis Gray – High Quality Area Rug


Silken Modern Moroccan Trellis Gray 7′ 10″ x 10′ Indoor High Quality Area Rug


nuLOOM MTVS27D Varanas Collection Marrakech Trellis Contemporary Transitional Hand Made Area Rug, Navy Blue

Comes in many colors including navy, gray, spa blue, beige/blue, purple, comes in round format, too

nuLOOM MTVS27D Varanas Collection Marrakech Trellis Contemporary Transitional Hand Made Area Rug, 7-Feet 6-Inch by 9-Feet 6-Inch, Navy Blue


3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis Area Rug Carpet Large New


Gray, navy, black/white, brown, turquoise, burgundy/gold

3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis 9’0x12’6 Area Rug Carpet Large New


Area rug pads

All area rugs should have a carpet cushion.  This both protects the floor from scratches and helps prolong the life of the area rug.  It also prevents area rugs from sliding.


If you’re looking for a great area rug pad, I recommend the Original Gorilla Grip Area Rug Pad

[moroccan trellis switch plate


Matching Moroccan trellis accessories (pillows, window treatments, switch covers)


I love the mixing and matching of patterns.  Note that too much of a good thing often is not so good.  So, consider either adding the pattern in just 1 to 2 complementary areas, or mixing the color or mixing the patterns up a bit.  Think about this as a decorator would.

Moroccan trellis pillows and pillow cases with Moroccan Trellis


Home Decorative Light Gray White Moroccan Quatrefoil Pattern #5 Pillows Throw Pillow Decor Square Pillow


Home Decorative Light Gray White Moroccan Quatrefoil Pattern #5 Pillows Throw Pillow Decor Square Pillow 18X18 Inch


Switch cover plates with quatrefoil design

Gray Moroccan Quatrefoil Light Switch Cover – Various sizes Offered

I thought these were really cool.  They come in a variety of styles and widths, including narrow toggle switches and wider rocker switches as well as outlet covers.


moroccan trellis switch plate


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Where to find and buy Quatrefoil (or Moroccan Trellis) area rugs and matching accessories


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