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Carpets that looks like sisal but are softer

sisal area rug westchesterSisal carpets have been growing in popularity in Westchester county, both from a look perspective and because it’s an eco-friendly product (made with natural fibers).  However, sisal isn’t very soft on your feet. In fact, it can be hard and it’s not the most comfortable if you are bare feet or even socks.


So, naturally, I have many customers who ask about softer carpets that LOOK like sisal. This way, they can have all the benefits of a softer nylon carpet, and the style of a sisal.


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nylon carpet that looks like sisalWell thanks to Tuftex (made by Shaw), there are now some good options.  This nylon carpet is softer than sisal and holds up very well.  Nylons are easier to clean and you don’t need to worry about minor water spills.


There are also some wool carpets that look like sisal and have a similar herringbone pattern. Naturally, these are more expensive than nylon carpets.  These are a great option if you want the sisal look, ecofriendly fiber and have a larger budget.


Finally, another consideration, if you prefer a natural fiber carpet, is to go with a jute, which is much softer than sisal.  Check out my latest article on jute vs sisal rugs.

Herringbone wool carpet looks like sisal in westchester






2 thoughts on “Carpets that looks like sisal but are softer”

  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a wall to wall carpet that gives the look of a sisal or sea grass carpet. It is for a small condo and I have large oriental rugs to layer over the carpet. Condo does not allow any hard floor surfaces in bedroom or living room. The carpet needs to be nylon or something that cleans well but gives the “look” of sisal or sea grass. Thank you for your kind offer above to provide this information.

    1. You can try Shaw Only Natural (shown in blog post). Masland has a similar and more subtle version of this (which of course is more expensive). Other than that, I’d suggest you go to a carpet store and look around. I hope this helps.

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