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What is a saxony carpet?

Saxony carpets

what is a saxony carpet - Saxony carpet shaw cashmere IV westchesterSaxony is a type of carpet that is a soft cut pile with an even surface. Saxony carpet is typically woven very densely, and it has a very soft, plush feel. The primary disadvantage of a saxony carpet is that it tends to show marks such as footprints and vacuum marks.  Saxonies are associated with quality and luxury, and as result, tend to cost more compared to solid textured or looped carpets.


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The softness of Saxony carpet makes it a popular choice for bedrooms and formal living rooms. The elegant style of the carpet creates a luxurious atmosphere in the room. Some people consider Saxony carpet a more formal type of carpeting, and it’s sometimes called a plush carpet. If you have ever entered a formal room and noticed that the carpeting is extremely soft and plush, there’s an excellent chance that it’s a saxony.


what is a saxony carpet - saxony cut pile carpet Unlike a frieze or twist carpet, which tends to have a shaggy look due to uneven fibers and twists, a saxony tends to be smooth, even and tighter.  Saxony carpet often has a velvet-like appearance.  It’s created by tightly twisting the carpet fibers, cutting and then heating them so that they stand up straight.  Because saxonies are smooth and soft, they do tend to show footprints, vacuuming and furniture marks more than other carpets.  Many recommend that you shift furniture on a regular basis (often just a couple of inches) just to let the carpet breathe.  Saxony is a great option if you are looking for softness and warmth.


Shaw’s new Cashmere and Caress line – They call it a saxony; I call it lovely

shaw caress cashmere line of saxony carpetShaw recently introduced a super soft saxony nylon carpet line called Cashmere.  It’s part of their new Caress line, and it’s unbelievably soft.  Once you feel it, you won’t want anything else.  The colors are also very stylish.  The top product, called Cashmere IV has a face weight over 97oz – super soft and plush.  There are also other less expensive levels.  In addition to the plush saxonies, they also have some patterned tone on tone carpets as well.


Acapella carpet dark brown shaw caress line westchesterIn Shaw’s words, the line is “inspired by the world’s softest natural fibers.”  The line comes in a rich variety of 50 shades, from earthy neutrals to atmospheric blues and soothing grays.  It mimics the softness of cut wool fibers but is more affordable than New Zealand wool carpets.  This ultra soft nylon comes with with R2X so it repels liquids.  It also comes with Platinum softbac which helps prevent carpet from wrinkling and also allows for a smoother installation.



Here is Shaw’s inspiration behind the Caress line – enjoy the video:


Ongoing care for saxony carpets

As with most carpets, regular vacuuming is important. But as  Saxonies tend to show vacuum marks, we recommend that you don’t use the beater bar function on the vacuum.  Rather, it’s ideal to vacuum more often in quick bursts rather than a longer more drawn out approach.  Most dirt, even dust, is in the form of hard, sharp particles, which abrade the soft fibers when allowed to remain in the carpet. How frequently you should vacuum depends – higher use means more frequent vacuuming.


Cleaning Saxony carpets

Please see Shaw’s Care and Maintenance section for cleaning recommendations.   In the case of your plush Saxony it’s well worth getting it professionally cleaned at least once a year. And saxonies are thicker pile carpets, they can harbor more dust and allergens.  It’s not only an investment in your home’s beauty, but also your family’s health.  For Shaw’s new Caress line (Cashmere is a segment of that), they have a special care section and recommendations on types of vacuums to use. They also have a brochure you can download online.


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What is a saxony carpet?

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