what is luxury vinyl - westchester NYLuxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – a great option when you need a waterproof floor for your home in Westchester

Vinyl has really come a long way. It’s not just the sheet vinyl or those peel & stick tiles. The fastest growing segment is luxury vinyl which I know sounds like it’s an oxymoron or a contradiction.

Luxury vinyl comes in individual planks that look like hardwood, or in tiles and grout strips for tile look. The individual pieces look and feel real – they have graining and texture variation that make it look like real hardwood, and the grooves at the edges give it real definition…in fact, so much so, that it fools many of the experts. I’ve had samples in my office that people in the biz did double takes on after I’ve pointed it out – they never would have known it wasn’t real if I hadn’t said anything.

Luxury vinyl tile for kitchen - Westchester NYLuxury vinyl is a great option if you need something WATERPROOF. It can be great for basements or kitchens or commercial establishments with heavy traffic. It super easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about anyone tracking in water or snow and ruining it.

Unlike laminate, which sounds tinny and fake when you walk on it, luxury vinyl is glued down, so it’s is secured to the floor and feels real.  It’s a great option for your home in Westchester NY.

Now, as the name implies, it is luxury, so it significantly more expensive than the sheet vinyl…and well worth it.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – a great option when you need a waterproof floor