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Moisture barrier carpet pad | Westchester County NY

Moisture resistant carpet pad – Shaw Triple Touch moisture barrier carpet pad

What are the benefits of moisture barrier carpet cushion?

A carpet pad with a moisture barrier can absorb moisture – both to prevent mold and reduce odors.  These pads are typically ideal for basements with minor moisture (note: if you have a lot of moisture, carpet may not be a good option for your basement, regardless of type of pad used.  A moisture barrier carpet cushion can also help alleviate pet accidents so that the liquid does not reach the subfloor (which can be challenging and costly to repair.


We proudly offer Shaw’s Triple Touch moisture guard carpet pad.  This upgraded carpet cushion costs more, but it’s well worth its value.
Moisture barrier carpet pad for basement - Shaw Triple touch


This carpet pad comes with a moisture barrier and it’s hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for areas that are subject to minor moisture issues such as basements.  Triple Touch moisture guard provides extra cushion and comfort and it really helps the wear of your carpet. In fact, Shaw stands behind their product so much that it doubles the warranty of your carpet life.


The Triple Touch carpet pad contains an antimicrobial treatment which kills mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria.

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Shaw’s Triple Touch moisture barrier carpet pad doubles your warranty

Using this pad instantly DOUBLES your carpet warranty.  Your carpet will maintain its texture for the life of the warranty.


Shaw’s Triple Touch is also environmentally friendly.  It’s made with natural oil and its backing uses recycled products.



Moisture barrier carpet pad in Westchester NY


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  1. Hi Debbie. Just cruising around the Internet and came to check out your blog. Great stuff about Westchester flooring. I’m sure that with all the winter weather many folks may wish they had purchased that moisture barrier carpet pad.

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