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Stain protection for your carpet

Stain protection for your carpetDoes your carpet have good stain protection?

When it comes to carpet, stain protection is very important. In fact, staining is usually the primary reason that carpets need to be replaced (along with odor). We know that stain protection is important to our customers, especially those with young kids and pets. That’s why virtually all of the carpet we sell comes with stain protection.


Recently, Shaw upgraded their stain protection. Shaw is the only one in the industry that now places a warranty on their carpets for pet stains, human stains and even places a warranty on carpet placed on the steps. But, if you don’t believe me, check out these 2 videos.


To demonstrate how resistant their carpets are to stains, they created the world’s largest pie throwing contest. Check out how this carpet survives. See how well their carpet stands up to this…it’s AMAZING.


First – the world’s largest pie throwing contest…




stain protection for carpetNext, check out this technical video with demonstrations. While not as dramatic as the pie throwing contest, the visual demonstrations will wow you. Here is link to Shaw’s R2X stain protection video


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It’s quite impressive. Personally, I love Shaw carpets. They have so many soft and pretty ones. And, as you can see from the video, they are very practical, too.



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Stain protection for your carpet. How well does your carpet stand up?


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