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Where to buy the stair rods for carpet runners

Where to find carpet runner stair rods

Where to buy stair rods for carpet runners

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Are you looking for some extra pizzazz for your carpet runner?  Stair rods for carpet runners add a decorative flair and traditional touch to your stairs.  I put together this article to help you select stair rods.


stair rods for carpet runnerStair rods (sometimes called carpet rods) are for decorative purposes only.  They do not hold nor secure the carpet runner into place.  Usually, the carpet runner is installed with staples.  The stair rods go on top.  And, for this reason, the stair rods can be re-used, even when you replace your carpet runner.


where to buy stair rods for carpet runnersTraditionally, in the “olden days,” stair rods were used to hold the carpet in place, but nowadays, with superior carpet installation technology, as well as higher safety standards, the rods are no longer needed.  If you’re going for a traditional look, stair rods will provide that extra touch of class.


Zoroufy has been the leading brand for carpet runner stair rods.  You can now buy them direct and easily via Amazon.  They generally come in 2 widths (28.5 inches and 36 inches…but there are a few wider options such as 48 inches).


What size stair rods should you select?

You want to get the rods so that they are around 1.5 inches wider than the carpet runner.  So, if your runner will be 27″ wide, select the 28.5″ size; if your runner will be 34.5″ wide, select the 36″ one.  (Most people’s steps are around 3 ft wide (36″) give or take 3-6″ and generally you would leave 3-4″ on the sides for “white space.”  Most pre-cut runners are either 26.5″ or 33″ wide, so these sizes will work out fine with the rods.  When you are getting a custom broadloom runner, the installer can cut the carpet so the dimensions line up pretty close.


28.5 inch polished brass     



What colors do the stair rods come in?

Zoroufy’s stair rods are available in satin nickel, antique brass, brushed brass, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze.  Most of them come with a pineapple or urn edge.


By Color

Most stair rods are available in the following colors


By finial (or end of rod)

  • Pineapple finial
  • Urn finial


How do you clean the stair rods?

Only use a soft dry cloth when cleaning carpet rods.  Zoroufy® products do contain a protective lacquer coating to resist tarnishing.  But many cleansers or chemicals may remove or damage this coating, so be careful.


Remember that if you are cleaning your carpets (either yourself or with a professional carpet cleaner), you should remove the rods and wait until the area is dry before replacing them. (Note – it’s easy to remove the rods while leaving the brackets in place. And, let your cleaner know to be careful when cleaning around the brackets.


How do I install the stair rods?

The rods come with instructions, and Zoroufy has instructions on their website. These are not difficult to install, but the instructions won’t make sense without the pictures.


You can choose to install these yourself or have your carpet installer do this (or even a handyman), but if you had to choose between the two, I’d always recommend your carpet installer as they will probably do better/faster and they would be there anyway for the carpet installation.  The rods come with the brackets and screws.


Can I install stair rods over existing carpet runner?

Yes, you can, but this may require longer screws (which could be purchased at a local hardwood store or on Amazon.   Usually screws that are 1.5 inches or longer will work.


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Where to buy the stair rods for carpet runners










2 thoughts on “Where to buy the stair rods for carpet runners”

  1. Lillian B Tollette

    I would like to know about putting a carpet runner over carpet on my stairs, something that will hold the runner firmly

    1. Lillian – That is not something that I would recommend. It generally looks very dated and can’t be installed that well. It just looks cheap and sloppy and it’s probably also a bit of a tripping hazard. I would recommend removing the carpet, sanding the wood and then adding a runner. I’ve also seen some people paint the steps white and add a runner.

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