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11 Affordable sliding barn doors for an authentic farmhouse look

Sliding barn doors for farmhouse style decor

If you’re into farmhouse decor, then you know how super stylish sliding barn doors have become.  They really add a dramatic finishing touch for a genuine farmhouse style look.

11 affordable sliding barn doors for an authentic farmhouse look

11 affordable sliding barn doors for a farmhouse lookOne of the things that’s cool about sliding farmhouse doors is that they can be used in many areas of the home, even if you have a petite home or an apartment.  For example, they can be used in a hallway, washer/dryer area or even for a pantry.  (Note: if you see a barn door you like, you can click on the image to find out more details (e.g. price).

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These wide sliding doors have become quite stylish decor pieces that can define a room’s atmosphere.  Most people buy them for aesthetics, but there are functional benefits too as they save a lot of space vs traditional swinging doors.


sliding barn house door for farmhouse style lookSwinging doors typically sweep 9 linear foot path, and french doors swing over an even larger area.  This can eat into critical space needed for furniture, appliances or just comfort space, especially in smaller homes.  You do, of course, need wall space, but these are much more practical (and nicer looking) than pocket doors (which are challenging to install and can get stuck (and yes, I’ve broken way too many nails on them).



sliding farmhouse doorThey give you a rustic outdoorsy feeling that creates a strong juxtaposition when they are placed indoors.  I’ve seen them used in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, hallways, laundry areas, family rooms and pantries.  They are rather versatile


No matter where you put one, they make a dramatic statement and transform the area with a rustic touch of old world charm.  And, once you install one, I have a hunch you’ll love it so much that you’ll be looking for more areas to add one to.


Accessorize with Farmhouse Style Wall Art

Here’s an easy (and affordable way to add some more Farmhouse charm to your room.  My friend, Becky Beach made these fun Farmhouse printables.  They are cute and you can just print and frame them and even make a cute wall arrangement.  Use my exclusive discount code (DEBBIEG).

Farmhouse style wall art printables

sliding barn house door and shiplapOne of the hallmarks of barn doors is the criss-cross or Z shape.  But, now you’ll find that there are many more options, so the world is your oyster.  You can make them all sorts of colors, but the most popular shades are white, black, gray, natural or a dark stained brown (e.g. in the dark walnut range.)  Most people choose to paint (or stain) them in one color, but you also have the option of using 2 colors (one for the base and then one for the criss-cross and border.




barn doors that slide for a fresh farmhouse lookYou can actually make a sliding barn door yourself (see tutorial here).  But, you will see that they are time consuming and a bit challenging to do, especially when you factor in all the sanding.  But, there is an easier option.  You can save some time by buying one online, and then put your DIY skills towards handing it.


I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the prices for these pre-made barn doors.  Most were around $300 – $500 and some are even lower.  When you factor in all the wood, sand paper, putty, screws and other items you need to buy, not to mention your time (yes, your time is worth money), it may be well worth it.


Even Amazon offers some barn doors now (click here for Amazon barn doors and hardware).  Here are a few of my favorites.

Affordable sliding barn doors - double doors with criss crosses Affordable sliding barn doors - dark double doors with window

Check current price on Amazon               Check current price


But, I’ve found that Wayfair has a much larger and better selection.  Below are my favorites from Wayfair (or click here to search for all of them).  You’ll see there is a wide variety of styles and colors.  Click on any of the pictures below for more info/prices, etc.

Single sliding barn doors

Double sliding barn doors


I hope you like these sliding barn doors..  Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.



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farmhouse sliding doors for a rustic style

Affordable sliding barn doors for an authentic farmhouse look

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