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Amazon Prime Day Deals on Home Decor | 2021

Best Amazon Prime Day Bargains on Home Decor, Kitchen, Home Maintenance and More!

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is almost here! This year Prime Days are on June 21 and June 22, 2021.  And you know what that means…MAJOR savings on everything including home decor and home maintenance items…and so much more!

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Home Decor

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If you’re looking for the best Amazon Prime deals on home decor items then you really need to pay attention!


Hands down Amazon Prime Day is the best time of the year to save BIG on everything you need.  It’s like Christmas in July…and the deals rival those sort of deals you might find on Black Friday.  But…with Amazon Prime Day, you can do all the shopping from home…or work…and avoid all those nasty crowds.

This year, Amazon Prime Day will start at 3pm July 16th and continue through all of July 17th.  This is Amazon’s biggest event of the year and because of that, they keep extending the time.  This year, it will 36 hours of amazing deals…over 1 million of them!


What is Amazon Prime Day?

Home Decor deals on Amazon Prime Day | Amazon Prime Day Deals on Home DecorPrime Day is an annual event that Amazon offers its Prime Members only.  More than a million products will be discounted, but not all at the same time, and not all for the entire duration of the event.


Some items will only be available during certain hours, and some may sell out.  So, you have to pay careful attention to find the best deals.  (More on this below).


When is Amazon Prime Day for 2021?

The dates change every year.  This year, for 2021, it will be on Monday, June 21st and continue until Midnight on Tuesday, June 22nd.  I believe it ends at midnight, Pacific time since that’s where Amazon is headquartered.


It’s kind of like Black Friday…it keeps starting earlier and lasting longer each year.


Who can participate in Amazon Prime Day?

In order to get these exciting Amazon Prime Day deals, you must be an Amazon Prime member.  But, not to worry.  If you aren’t a member yet or you just want to test it out, you can get your FREE Amazon Prime membership for 30 days here.

Or click on graphic below.

How do I participate in Amazon Prime Day?

Step 1:  Become an Amazon Prime Member

Amazon Prime Day deals are for Prime Members Only. So if you are NOT a Prime Member yet, you need to sign up right away so you can take advantage of these amazing deals.

The good news is that there is still time!

You can sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial, here. 

The other good news is that Amazon Prime offers their members plenty of perks all year round.  Here are some of the many benefits:

  • FREE 2-Day Shipping on Prime Items all year around
  • Access to Prime Video
  • FREE e Books and Magazines to Download
  • Prime Music
  • Stream and download hit movies and TV exclusives
  • Amazing Black Friday deals
  • and more!


Oh, and after I just signed up, they offered a $10 gift with purchase if you install the shopping app on your phone.

You can get your free 30 day trial for Amazon Prime here

Also, by the way, you also have the ability to give the gift of prime to someone else.  It’s a great gift idea for a friend of family member…any time of the year.


Step 2:  Consider getting an Amazon Prime Store Card

This is another way to save…both during Amazon Prime Day and during the year.  This card is only available to Amazon Prime members.  If you use Amazon often, the savings will really add up.


The store card gives you 5% back every day of the year on eligible items that you buy on Amazon (when you use this card).  The extra good news is that on Amazon Prime Day, you get even more back.


Last year, for Amazon Prime Day, they awarded 20% back!  That’s free money!


Oh, and the card bonuses now work when you purchase at Whole Foods, too1


Note:  You can still get all the Amazon Prime deals without this card.  But, using this card will get you some extra bonuses.


Click here to read more and sign up for an Amazon Prime Store Card.


Step 3 – Get Ready with Alexa

If you are an Alexa user, you’re in luck.  You will likely be getting deals in the days leading up to Prime Day! That’s what they did last year, and I would expect them to do the same this year.


And, if you have thought about getting an Alexa enabled device like the Amazon Echo or Dot, now is a great time!


Why have Alexa? 

If you use Amazon often, Alexa makes it super easy when reorders, buying new products and checking your order status. All you have to do is ask Alexa, and she order it for you.  Easy as pie!


You also have the ability to set up recurring orders for items you made need often (e.g. laundry detergent, diapers, toilet paper, food, etc.

 Click here to learn more about Alexa and how you can save!

Step 4 – Watch Lightning Deals and Daily Deals

As I mentioned above, there are so many deals happening on Amazon Prime Day.  Not every product is available all day, and some are only available while supplies last.  Often deals are announced every few hours…sometimes every hour…and it’s first come first serve.


You’ll want to watching live to check out the Lightning and Daily Deals.  For your convenience, I will try to post some of those on this blog post.


Lightning Deals are deals that are on sale for a specific period of time and typically have a limited number available so they sell out fast.  So, act fast!


Daily Deals will last the entire day of Prime Day until the inventory sells out.  So, if you have your heart set on something, but it as soon as you can.


You can see a preview of some items that will be available for daily deals and watch for Lightning Deals here!


You can also sign up for emails to get notifications.


Early Prime Day deals available now…

If you’d like to check out the some of the early deals, check out this page.

We can already see deals on the following items:


Amazon Prime Day Home Decor deals available now…







Amazon Prime Day Home Decor deals starting around 3pm


Amazon Prime Day Home Maintenance deals available now…

Prime Day vacuum deals (and other home maintenance items)


So get ready for a great set of home decor deals on Amazon Prime Day.

It’s just around the corner…in less than 5 days.  In the meantime, make you you start your Amazon Prime free 30 day trial so you’re prepared to take action on these amazing deals.

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