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The Best Clawfoot Bathtubs in 2021 | Modern Farmhouse Style

Top rated freestanding clawfoot bathtubs for vintage farmhouse bathrooms

I don’t know about you, but I love taking baths. There’s nothing quite as relaxing and cleansing that can be done from the comfort of your own home.


That’s why it’s worth taking the time to make your bath perfect. When it’s time to replace your old bathtub and you’re considering splurging on the best clawfoot tub – you should do it.


One of the things that make clawfoot tubs so special is that are nostalgic and reminiscent of simpler times.  And, they are the perfect accessory for modern farmhouse style decor which has risen in popularity these days.


The best clawfoot tub is going to differ, depending on your needs.


I should also mention – I’ll be using the terms clawfoot tub and freestanding tub somewhat interchangeably. While a freestanding tub isn’t always necessarily a clawfoot tub (more on that later), a clawfoot tub is always a freestanding tub.


In case you’re in a hurry, I decided to give you my top three recommendations for the best clawfoot tub. If you’re interested in more information regarding the best clawfoot tubs out there – I’ve detailed my review with that information, as well as provided more options.


Best clawfoot tubs in 2021


Best Clawfoot Tub – Naples 73″ x 36″ Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub by Barclay


best clawfoot tub - freestanding copper for farmhouse lookThis ultra large copper clawfoot tub is unlike anything you’ve seen, and is one of the best and most unique luxury options we’ve found.


This copper tub is complete with immaculate copper claw feet and a slipper design with a hand hammered antique finish. This bathtub is incredibly heavy, but that also means it is one of the most stable options you’ll find.


The large size of it makes it one of the roomiest options among clawfoot bathtubs.


Keep in mind you’ll still need to figure out a faucet, drain/waste assembly, and an overflow drain. Luckily, there are options from Barclay that will complement your new bathtub completely.

check price on best clawtooth bathtub - copper


Best Clawfoot Tub Value Option – Streamline Bath 61″ x 28″Clawfoot Soaking Acrylic Bathtub


best clawfoot tubThis freestanding bathtub is a favorite over at Wayfair – which isn’t a big surprise.


It’s a great budget-friendly clawfoot tub option, while still giving your bathroom the classic timeless look. You have your choice of finish for the feet – gold, black, chrome, and white. It also includes leveling feet to ensure that your bathtub sits on an even surface, as well as provides stability while bathing.


There are some reviewers who felt that the tub was narrower than they would’ve preferred, but if this isn’t a deal-breaker for you then this tub is a great value.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


Best All in One – American Bath Company 60″ x 33″Chelsea Slipper C Clawfoot Tub Package


best clawfoot tubThis clawfoot tub includes the bathtub as well as a deck mount faucet and waste/overflow. Most clawfoot tubs do not come with the faucet, and these can get pretty pricey on their own.


This tub is made from acrylic – with a material called AcraStone. It is a porcelain-like surface that is warm to the touch. This bathtub is a little lighter than some of its counterparts, making it a great option for second floor bathrooms. Just keep in mind that a lighter tub is also easier to tip over – so you’ll definitely want to create a balance.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


All Around Great Clawfoot Tubs


If you aren’t sold by any of the three options above, here are some really great alternatives.


Rachel Rachel 70″ x 34″ Soaking Bathtub


best clawfoot tubThis freestanding tub features four concealed legs, and lending the appearance of a more modern style clawfoot tub. It bears a sleek design with defined lines that cause the area around it to appear more spacious.


It is made from acrylic and reinforced with a fiberglass finish that will not stain or fade (a common known issue of fiberglass tubs). This tub includes  the drain assembly/waste, as well as the overflow drain.


This tub is one of the most popular and well-rated options available on Wayfair, so it’s a pretty safe bet if you’re looking for a nice clawfoot bathtub.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


Arseni 67″ x 32″ Soaking Bathtub


red clawfoot tub with gold feetThis freestanding clawfoot bathtub is made from fiberglass, but also sports a double layer of acrylic topcoat to help with durability and shine. This also helps enhance maximum insulation so that you can keep the desired temperature longer.


It comes in a large but economical size, making it an ideal option for a variety of spaces. It is easy to clean, as well as resistant to scratching and staining. It comes with a pop-up drain already installed with overflow integrated into the drain.


Keep in mind this is one of the most budget-friendly (but still quality) options out there, but it still will not last as long as a cast iron clawfoot tub.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


Dakota 68″ x 30″Clawfoot Soaking Cast Iron Tub


best freestanding clawfoot tub - whiteThis cast iron clawfoot tub is an elegant and beautiful option with clean, modern lines.


While this tub is still the classic freestanding clawfoot design, the feet are hidden underneath it to give it a more modern look. This is the typical slipper design, and the bottom of the tub is slip resistant.


It does have an overflow drain, but does not include the drain assembly/waste or the faucet.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


Cambridge 71″ x 30″Clawfoot Cast Iron Bathtub with Faucet


freestanding clawfoot tub - white with black feetThis lovely bathtub makes our list of best clawfoot bathtubs for a few different reasons – not only is it one of the bigger options available at the price point, but the faucet, drain assembly, and overflow drain are all included.


This means you won’t need to worry about drilling for a faucet, and you don’t have to worry about finding something that’ll match your clawfoot tub. The design is also a double slipper – making it a little more unique than many options at the same price point, considering a single slipper is more customary.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 53″ x 28″ Clawfoot Bathtub


best white clawfoot tub for farmhouse style bathroomIf you’re looking for a clawfoot tub that’ll fit in a smaller space, the Aqua Eden tub may perfect for you. This tub doesn’t have pre-drilled faucet holes, so it’ll require use of a freestanding tub filler or a wall-mount tub filler. The bottom claws are shaped like eagle claws, and you have a ton of options when it comes to the finish.


A faucet is not included, but it does have a built-in adjuster on the tub feet in case you’re dealing with uneven floors.

best farmhouse bathtub check price


Jacqueline 69″ x 30″ Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub


best farmhouse clawfoot tub - white chrome clawfeetThis economical and elegant clawfoot tub by Vinnova features a silver finish on the ornate claw feet and sparkling lily-white acrylic finish.


The basin slops to provide extra comfort. Some small concerns have been voiced about the sturdiness of the feet and complications arising from installation, but users generally love this beautiful and affordable clawfoot tub.


It does ship with a full drain assembly and waste, but does not include an overflow drain or faucet. The drain replacement is reversible.

best clawtooth bathtub check price


What material is best for a clawfoot tub?


When purchasing a clawfoot tub, there are a few considerations you’ll want to make before you start shopping. The first is deciding what kind of material you want your bathtub made out of. The three most common options include fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic. Here we’ll break down the use case of each.




Fiberglass is one of the most commonly used materials for bathtubs, simply because fiberglass is very affordable and easy to install. Fiberglass tubs are usually lighter weight, making them an excellent option for two-story (or larger) homes because there is no additional support needed between the bathtub and the floor.


While those are definitely good things, there are definite cons to owning a fiberglass tub.


First of all, the lifespan is typically 10-15 years, whereas other materials can sometimes last up to twice as long. Fiberglass tubs are also limited in textures and colors, so fiberglass is not a good fit if you’re looking for something more unique. Unlike acrylic or cast iron, fiberglass is also prone to cracking, fading, staining, and scratching rather easily. Fiberglass can absorb water which will can create mildew or mold over time.


Acrylicbest clawfoot tub


Acrylic is another very common material used for clawfoot bathtubs. While it is a relatively cheap material, it is not as cheap as fiberglass. With the small increase in price, you’re paying for a bathtub that is higher quality and that will last longer. Acrylic is also going to be heavier than fiberglass, thus making it a better option if stability is one of your most important considerations.


While a fiberglass tub will still be difficult to tip over, it is not impossible. This material will also be easier to clean, and be less prone to issues such as discoloration and abrasions. These bathtubs have a lifespan of around 30 years.


Cast Iron


A cast iron tub will be almost impossible to scratch or dent, as it is arguably the most solid material used for bathtubs. They’re also far heavier than acrylic bathtubs, and thus are much more difficult to install – usually requiring at least two people. Sometimes, the floor underneath a cast iron bathtub will need to be reinforced, so you should take this into consideration if the tub is going on an upper floor.


A cast iron clawfoot bathtub can last for generations if cared for correctly. They require less upkeep than an acrylic tub,  but that doesn’t mean they won’t need regular cleaning like any other bathtub. They’re also known as the best option for heat retention – which means you can have a warm bath for much longer in a cast iron bathtub versus any other kind.


Types of Clawfoot Tubs


As you start looking into the best clawfoot tub, you’ll find that there are many different types of tubs. The most notable difference is the shape, so it’s important to decide which shape of tub fits your situation best.


The following are the 5 most common types.


Classic Clawfoot Tub


This type of clawfoot tub is also called the single-ended clawfoot tub, and it is rounded on one end to cradle your head, neck, and back. The other end is flat with a drain and faucet. The flat end usually fits nicely against a wall, and can be a great option for smaller spaces. It is also easy to add a shower to one side of this type of tub.


Double Ended Clawfoot Tub


A double ended clawfoot tub is similar to the classic, except that it has two rounded sides instead of just the one. Typically the drain and faucet are located in the middle of one of the sides of the tub. This tub style typically looks better in between walls rather than up against a wall. This type of tub is better suited to two people, since both sides are meant to provide comfort to the back, neck, and head area.


Slipper Clawfoot Tub


This style of clawfoot tub has become much more popular in recent years, likely because it is more comfortable for soaking. On one side of this tub, the sides are flared up and out, making it more comfortable for soaking in. This tub style has the drain and faucet at the foot of the tub, making it a great option for placing against a wall or adding a shower head.


Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub


A double slipper tub is similar to the slipper tub, except that both sides are flared up – making it a great soaking tub for partners. The drain and faucet are in the middle of one side – similar to the double ended clawfoot tub.


Pedestal Tub


While a pedestal tub is not technically a clawfoot tub, it is still a freestanding tub and deserves consideration. If nothing else, you’ll find that there are some clawfoot tubs with the feet hidden, so that the tub looks like a pedestal tub. The shape of this tub is typically either a double ended or double slipper style, except the feet have been removed and it has been placed on a solid pedestal base. The pedestal tub is usually either a Double Ended or Double Slipper style clawfoot tub with the feet removed and placed on a solid pedestal base.


A couple of other considerations before purchasing the best clawfoot tub


When considering whether or not to purchase a clawfoot tub, you need to remember that there are things to factor in beyond considerations of the space you have, the strength of the floor where you’re placing the tub, and what kind of plumbing you have.


What is included with your clawfoot tub?


It’s important to know whether or not the best clawfoot tub for your needs includes a faucet, drain assembly, and an overflow drain.

The faucet speaks for itself. You can have a faucet that mounts directly into the body of the tub or one that mounts independently. The latter will require drilling if the tub doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes. If the faucet is not included, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to ensure that you can accomodate for whichever of these options you prefer.


A drain assembly is the component that mounts into the bottom of the tub. Some drain assemblies are simple, with only a grate and a drain plug, while others have more complicated mechanisms like a built-in plug that prevents loss and functions on a rotating spindle. Most assemblies have a lever that affixes to the tub higher in the wall, making it doubly necessary to not only know if the tub comes with one or if it’s pre-drilled for a standard fitting leg tub (typically 1.5″).


You also need to determine whether or not your tub comes fitted with an overflow drain, if necessary. The overflow drain is the additional drain that prevents the water from spilling out if left unattended. Many tubs come with this, but it is optional and can be added after the fact, although some drilling may be required.


Buying the best clawfoot tub

best clawfoot tub

Beyond anything else, be sure to do your research. Even the lightest of clawfoot tubs are heavy and unwieldy, making it important to consider what kind of delivery and installation options exist. If you choose to ignore these considerations you can easily find yourself in over your head, particularly if you live in a space with narrow entryways or several flights of stairs.


If you take the time to do it right, you will have no trouble finding the best clawfoot tub for your needs. Take that time and you will never regret it as you luxuriate in a piping hot bath in your new favorite place to relax. Spend the time necessary to choose correctly and you’ll love your tub.


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