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19 Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor for an Authentic Look

How to add farmhouse style to any room of your home

Farmhouse style is all the rage these days, not only because it’s a fun way to decorate, but also because it’s more than just decor…it’s a way of life and a way to entertain.  Farmhouse lovers strive to achieve an open and down to earth atmosphere for their family and friends.  It’s all about welcoming guests and conversation.

19 easy ways to add farmhouse decor for an authentic look

It’s a return to simpler times and an authentic look where you celebrate all that nature has to offer, including its flaws.  You will see a rustic elements, lighter and muted tones, elements that are reminiscent of time gone by and of course the farmhouse script fonts.  One of the fun things about Farmhouse Decor is that it’s easy to personalize and create your own unique eclectic collection of farmhouse style elements


19 easy ways to add farmhouse decor to your home for an authentic lookYou will see that when it comes to Farmhouse style, you will see many items are repurposed and used in fun and unexpected ways


Another great thing about Farmhouse Decor is that it’s relatively easy to decorate with and it tends to be less expensive, especially as many items can be done by the handy do-it-yourselfer.  In addition, many items can be bought at thrift stores, or even online at places like Amazon, Etsy and Wayfair, and you can also find some bargains there.


Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


19 Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor

Note: For most of the pictures below, you can click on them to find out more info about the product.


1.  Paint with farmhouse style colors

Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor - farmhouse style bedroom and paint colorsPainting is by far the easiest and least expensive way to give your home (or a room) a facelift.  If you really want to do this on the cheap, you can even paint yourself.  When, it comes to Farmhouse paint colors, we are talking about light and neutral colors, especially light grays, grieges, whites and light blues (and even some very pale greens.  Moldings should be white, and if you have shiplap, the favorite color is white for a light, airy and modern farmhouse look.


Check out my article on best Farmhouse paint shades for the specific color names.  Some of my favorites include Benjamin Moore: White Dove/Simply White, Revere Pewter, Wickham Gray, Stonington Gray and Sherwin Williams:  Light French Gray, Silverpointe, Repose Gray, Mild Blue, Sea Salt.


2.  Add black and white vintage or mosaic tiles

2018 flooring trends - farmhouse style black and white tilesHave you seen the latest black and white vintage tiles?  They are so retro, and they can work really well in small spaces such as a bathrooms, powder rooms, backsplashes and even very small entryways.  These tiles have a mesmerizing look and really set the tone for the room, especially if the rest of the room is white.


And, we also are seeing elegant small mosaic tiles for these areas.  Sometimes, these are white only and sometimes a combo of white and black. The shapes among these are getting more and more interesting as well.  We are seeing hexagons, chevrons, herringbone, moroccan tile shape and linear patterns. Check out this article on black and white vintage tiles to see more of them (and to be able to buy them on line.  Some of them are just stunning.


And, if you have an interest in the vintage tiles to the right, just click on the picture or click here.


3.  Farmhouse signs and wall art

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing farmhouse style signs everywhere on pinterest as well as farmhouse style wall art.  I love the farmhouse script.


Here’s an easy (and affordable way to add some more Farmhouse charm to your room.  My friend, Becky Beach made these fun Farmhouse printables.  They are cute and you can just print and frame them and even make a cute wall arrangement.  Use my exclusive discount code (DEBBIEG).

Farmhouse style wall art printables


Here are a few examples of farmhouse signs you can buy on Amazon.  (Just click on any of the pictures to get more product details and prices)

farmhouse style decorfarmhouse signfarmhouse sign

farmhouse sweet farmhouse signFarmer's Market sign - open dailyfarmhouse style laundry sign - wash & fold

You can find more farmhouse signs here on Amazon.


And, I love this sign (as well as the entire dining room set up).  You can find it here on Etsy.

farmhouse style dining room and farmhouse sign


And, here are some wonderful handcrafted pieces I’ve found on Etsy.  (Just click on any of the pictures to get more product details and prices)

Farmhouse wall decor  farmhouse style clock - Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor

Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor - farmhouse mason jar planters  farmhouse wall art  farmhouse style wall decor

farmhouse style wall decor cotton and lavender


4.  Use wicker baskets for organization and decor

add farmhouse style to any room storage boxesWicker baskets are a great way to organize things…and importantly, you can both organize and decorate at the same time as wicker baskets give you rustic look. Here are some great wicker baskets you can find on Amazon.  They come in a wide variety of colors, and the price is a steal,


5.  Farmhouse style hardwood flooring

Farmhouse style flooring - whitewashed hardwood floorsFor farmhouse style wood floors, it’s ideal to use wide plank flooring.  Some prefer more character (i.e. knots), but regardless, the most popular colors are whitewashes and grays.  These are followed by very light and subtle neutral colors (where a water borne poly such as Bona Traffic is used).  Others prefer browns and darks, but regardless, the colors are cool toned and there is an avoidance towards yellow, pink, and orange undertones.


Check out this article on best farmhouse flooring choices where I share 12 fabulous choices.  If you already have hardwood flooring, you may be better off sanding and refinishing your existing floors.  If you’re looking to go gray, check out this article on how to stain hardwood floors gray.


6.  Pendant lights with a rustic style

pendant lights for farmhouse decorPendant lights have been rapidly growing in popularity, and they are such an easy way to simultaneously add light to a room (especially in targeted areas) and decor to the room.  One of the things I love about pendant lighting is that they are available in so many styles, and even when the lights are off, they still add some flair to your room.


Pendant lights come in all sorts of styles (check out 15+ stylish pendant lights).  To the right and below are a few farmhouse style pendant lights and all are under $150 (they range in price and go as low as $40, and you can click on them to find more info).

add farmhouse style to any room chandelierfarmhouse pendant lights for farmhouse decor           add farmhouse style to any room hanging dome light


7.  Fresh flowers or wild flowers

farmhouse style decor - add some flowersFlowers can make a big difference by add some color and fresh greenery to the area.  And, they don’t need to be expensive.  Pick some wild flowers from your back yard, or get some dried flowers from Michael’s.  And, add them to a mason jars for an added touch.


8.  Add shiplap to the walls or ceiling

decorating with shiplap for farmhouse decorPrior to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper, almost no one had heard of shiplap.  Now, people can’t stop talking about it.  There are so many ways to incorporate shiplap to your home (see 8 stunning ways to use shiplap in your home).


You could use it for a bathroom (or powder room), and accent wall in a room or just around the fireplace.  You could also use shiplap for celings.  Pro tip:  If you’re going to paint the shiplap white (most popular color), be sure to paint the wall behind it white, too (before you install the shiplap boards).


9.  Farmhouse style wood-look planks that you can DIY

light gray tile planks that look like hardwoodAnother great farmhouse decorating idea is to do wood looking tiles that look like hardwood floors.  These are great for areas that get wet such as kitchens and bathrooms (and even mudrooms).


One of the great things about using tile planks is that it’s easy to get a gray or whitewashed look for the floor.  And, now they even make some with a distressed look and feel, so they look more rustic…and they are slip resistant.  Check out this article with my top picks for tiles that look like hardwood.  (or click on the picture above right if you like that one).


10.  Open shelving for the kitchen (or bathroom)

add farmhouse style to any room medicine cabinetNothing shouts farmhouse like open shelves.  They’re becoming much more popular in bathrooms and kitchens as they open up the space.  And, the shelving becomes both useful and a fashion statement.  In the kitchen, it’s a great way to showcase your dishes and in the bathroom, it’s a place to share some rustic knick knacks.


I love this farmhouse hanging shelf, and you can find it on Amazon.


diy open shelving for farmhouse style decorThis is a great example of some DIY shelving that you can purchase on Etsy.  They can be used in bathrooms or living rooms, or anywhere you have a have some space on the wall.





11.  Farmhouse sliding barn doors

white sliding barn door for farmhouse decorI recently wrote an article on sliding barn doors.  They really add an authentic touch to your home and can be used in many areas …as long as there is enough wall space.


I’ve seen them used for kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms as well as bedrooms and closets.


sliding farmhouse barn door - white criss cross and rolling pin handleIf you’re industrious, you can make one yourself from scratch, but they do take a long time.  A much simpler way is to buy a barn door and then install it yourself, and save money there.


I love this unique whitewashed barn door with a roller for a handle.  It’s so perfect for a kitchen or pantry.


They can come in single or double doors in a variety of colors and styles and colors.  Check out my article on 11 affordable sliding barn doors or search here on Wayfair.



12.  Buy (or make) a farmhouse style table

farmhouse style end table - weathered gray criss crossThe criss-cross shap and weather wood look adds a nice rustic touch.  The idea is that these look a bit unfinished and celebrate imperfections.  You can make a big statement with a farmhouse style table to gather round.  Or, a coffee or end table will add to the casual and rustic atmosphere.


Here’s a great driftwood coffee table.
Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor - weathered coffee table


Or check out this farmhouse style TV stand with sliding barn doors.

weathered wood TV stand and console - Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor


13.  Exposed wood beams for the ceiling

exposed ceiling beams for farmhouse styleExposed beams are all the rage these days.  Unlike full wooden ceilings which make a room look dark, exposed dark beams add contrast to white ceilings and they are a visual architectural element that are reminiscent of old barns.



14.  Farmhouse sink

upgrade kitchen with farmhouse sinkThese make a huge difference.  Not only do farmhouse sinks add a farmhouse feel, but there are so many ergonomic benefits, especially if you are height challenged (as I am).  I wrote a whole article on how to choose farmhouse sinks and I feature the most popular sinks.  You can check it out here.


If you’re remodeling your kitchen, I’d encourage you to consider a farmhouse sink.  Once you have one, you’ll never want to go back.  Click here to see the sink on the right.


15.  Leverage mason jar accessories

When it comes to farmhouse decor, you’ll see mason jars everywhere.  They are repurposed and recycled to make lovely old world containers, pendant lights and wall art.  Below are few mason jar accessories that I love. They are handmade and you can buy them on Etsy.  Or, if you love DIY and crafts you can buy some mason jars on Amazon and some chalk paint and make them yourself.

mason jars for farmhouse decor    mason jars for farmhouse and rustic decor   farmhouse and rustic decor - mason jar


16.  Add some galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is an easy way to add some farmhouse style to any room.  You can use them as canisters, flower vases as well as centerpieces.


17.  Sisal, jute and neutral area rugs

easy farmhouse decor - jute area rugThese natural fiber rugs will add some softness and texture to your room and protect your hardwood floors at the same time.  Jute is a bit softer than sisal, and you will often see blends of jute, wool and/or sisal.  All are environmentally friendly as well.


This jute area rug from Amazon is a great choice and very reasonably priced.  And, here are some other ones.


18.  Buy a clawfoot bathtub

farmhouse style decorating - clawfoot bathtub for cottage decorIf you’re remodleing a bathroom, consider a clawfoot bathtub for a true cottage feel.  When you couple this with black and white vintage tile (see above) and a white shiplap wall, your bathroom will be transformed.


You can find this clawfoot tub here.


And, see this article for more modern farmhouse bathroom ideas.

19.  Add some farmhouse style pillows

farmhouse style pillowsThis is another easy one.  There are so many options out there when it comes to farmhouse style pillows.  Subtle and neutral colors seem to work best (e.g. white, cream, gray, light beige).  Popular patterns include moroccan trellis, farmhouse phrases, compasses, grain sack stripes, pictures of farmhouse animals (esp. cows and roosters).


Check out some of these pillows and cases on Amazon (just click the pictures).

add farmhouse style to any room square cushionadd farmhouse style to any room cushion coveradd farmhouse style to any room happy time pillow

add farmhouse style to any room butterfield pillowadd farmhouse style to any room kathy vintage pillow add farmhouse style to any room farmhouse pillow



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Affordable sliding barn doors for an authentic farmhouse look


19 Easy ways to add Farmhouse Decor for an Authentic Look

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