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Top pet questions about flooring

Pets are an important part of our family, and choosing flooring that works with your pets is important for many of my Westchester customers.  So, I thought it would be helpful to gather my favorite flooring blog posts about pets in one location.  I hope this is helpful for you, regardless of whether you live in Westchester County NY or somewhere else.

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Best types of hardwood flooring for dogs

This is one of the most frequent questions I get from homeowners in Westchester and it’s one of my most popular posts.  Yes, dogs and hardwood floors can co-exist.  Read on to for advice on best types of hardwood flooring for you pets.


hardwood flooring westchesterHow do you eliminate pet stains in hardwood flooring?

We come across these dark stains in hardwood flooring often, and they are not as simple to eliminate as one might think or hope.  But, there are some solutions.


Helpful items to protect your floors if you have pets.

These items will help prolong the life of your floors if you have dogs or cats.  You can buy these items directly from Amazon.



what type of carpet is best for dogs and catsWhat type of carpet is best for pets – pet stains, odor and fur?

I’m so excited about this new product from Stainmaster.  If you have pets, you will love this carpet. It’s great for cats and dogs (and of course kids).



What types of carpets are best for cats?

Cats love carpet.  They love to sleep and cuddle on it, and some types they use as toys or a scratching post.  This article provides advice on which types of carpet will hold up best to your cats and which types to avoid.


Carpet runners – everything you ever wanted to know

It’s a surprise to many that the most common request I get for carpet runners is because of dogs.  Yes, carpet runners are useful for people and pets. They make things easier for the whole family plus they look pretty.




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Complementary products that will prolong the life of your hardwood floors, whether they are light or dark



Flooring for pets – Collection of my favorite pet articles