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Kitchen flooring Trends – Westchester County

Trends in Kitchen Floors for Westchester NY

Hardwood floors in kitchen Westchester county in styleKitchens are the heart of the home and remodeling kitchens is a hot ticket item for many homeowners in Westchester County. When you are remodeling your kitchen, there are a lot of considerations as you need to color coordinate floors, cabinets and countertops. On top of that, there are functionality considerations for the floor in terms of use, subfloor and cost. So, everything needs to be considered in the context of the whole room.


Below are the trends I’m seeing for kitchen floors in our area.

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Kitchen Flooring trends in Westchester County

1. Hardwood Flooring – Yes, this is now the #1 surface we install in Westchester kitchens (followed by tile). Benefits of hardwood: 1) easier on feet, 2) more in style, 3) less expensive, easier to clean, 4) usually lasts longer and never goes out of style.


Bricklay porcelain tile westchester NY2. Large size and rectangular tiles – Larger makes the space look larger. Rectangular and subway style are very hot now and also make the space look larger. Tight grout lines are also in (and helps preserve grout life).  Often the rectangular shape will be used both on the floor and on the backsplash.


3. Cork Flooring – Yes, this green flooring option is on the rise. It’s good for the environment and good for your feet. Cork flooring comes in a variety of colors and patterns…it’s really come a long way. Cork flooring material is generally more expensive vs. hardwood flooring, but often the installation costs are lower. If your floor is level, cork can often be installed directly on top of your existing floor.


4. Laminate over vinyl flooring – If you have to go fake and can’t afford the real stuff, laminate is strongly preferred over vinyl. Laminate has come such a long way and usually looks more upscale vs. vinyl. It usually looks like hardwood, so it also fits well stylistically. Plus, it uses recycled wood shavings so is a “greenish” product. It can often be less expensive to install vs. vinyl as it usually requires less floor prep.

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15 thoughts on “Kitchen flooring Trends – Westchester County”

    1. Heidi from

      I agree….normally having everything in the kitchen as wood is very overwhelming, but this kitchen Rocks It.

  1. Great pictures there Debbie. So many of our homes on the West Coast are also going to hardwood flooring especially during renovations. More and more buyers even the younger ones are looking for this type of look. It seems all these old things eventually come back.

    1. Heidi from

      In the Pacific NW, people are also choosing wood, bamboo, and cork over tile. Tile is just too cold during the winter unless you have radiant floor heat.

      Cork stays the same temperature as the air around it…so if your house is at 68 degrees, your cork will be the same and dropped breakable items have a better chance of survival!

  2. When it comes to the floors in your home, people think that the options are pretty limited. You can have carpeting, tile, or hardwood floors installed in your home. However, is that really all you can do or do you have more style options? The truth is there are many new trends that are changing the way people see their floors. This year, there were some really unique flooring styles that really caught on in a big way.

    1. Carpets for Less – Yes, that’s true, and we’ve had several interested in cork and linoleum. Also, it’s fun sometimes just to add some flair with tile layout/multiple sizes or putting the on a diagonal or adding a border. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Your home is all about who you are as a person. Your floor is an important part of your home and there is nothing wrong with wanting your floors to look their best. Some of the biggest trends this year are to step out of the box and choose something unusual. Whether it is carpeting with unique patterns, pre-scratched hardwood, or hardwood flooring made from recycled materials, your flooring will look unique, stylish, and tell the world all about you at the same time.

    1. All Floors – Yes, this is really true, although it depends on the customer – everyone is different…some like to make a statement; others like to either conform and some have limited budgets. The ideal is finding ways to make the flooring work best for the space and adding some flair without majorly increasing the costs.

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