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Loba 2K Supra Polyurethane Review – Water based poly

High grade waterborne polyurethane:  Loba 2K Supra is on par with Bona Traffic HD

When it comes to water based polyurethane, there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion out there. So I wanted to set the record straight on one of my favorite waterborne polyurethanes, Loba 2K Supra, which is a magnificent product.

Loba 2K Supra review - water based polyurtane

Please note that this article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase some of these products.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


The top 2 clear winners are Loba 2K Supra and Bona Traffic HD.  They are both top notch water based polyurethanes.


They are the BEST in the marketplace, and you can’t go wrong with either (well, unless you have an incompetent installer or inferior equipment…in which case you’ll have an issue regardless of the polyurethane you select).

Loba WS 2K Supra review - high grade water based polyurethane

where to buy Loba 2K Supra (Loba vs Bona)


This article focus on Loba 2K Supra.  And, I have a whole article dedicated to the best brands of water-borne polyurethane that you can read here.  In that article, I’ve rated the Top 4 brands to help you navigate the different grades of polyurethane so that you can make the smart choice for quality as well as your budget


What is Loba 2K Supra?

Loba is a high grade 2 component water based polyurethane made in Germany.  It has exceptional scratch protection and elasticity (so it works with your hardwood’s movement when the humidity changes). It has excellent chemical resistance and durability.


Because it’s a two part product, the added hardener gives it extra durability so it’s on par w/ Bona Traffic HD, and both are infinitely better than other choices in the market place.


The formula goes on clean and doesn’t yellow, and that’s why customers love the look.  Unlike oil based polyurethane smells, Loba has minimal odor.


We’ve been using (and testing) this product 1 or 2 years. It applies well, dries and cures quickly and our customers are thrilled with it.


It’s even suitable for commercial establishments such as busy restaurants.


Advantages of Loba 2K Supra

  • Loba WS 2K Supra reviewLooks beautiful.  Goes on clear (close to invisible) and doesn’t yellow
  • Low smell, practically odorless.  By 24 hrs you any lingering odors should disappear
  • Smooth and silky to the touch
  • Dries quickly  You can walk on the floors in 24 hours and put furniture back after 3 days.  They are claiming 3 days for full curing.  But, personally I’d wait for at least 7 days before adding area rugs
  • Can work as a sealer over cork floors


Loba Supra vs Bona Traffic HD polyurethane

Honestly, it is next to impossible to choose which one is better between Loba 2K Supra and Bona Traffic HD.


These 2 products are far superior to any other water borne polyurethanes in the market place. They look better, last longer, smell less and cure faster. They really are similar and have similar benefits.  They are designed to do the same thing.


If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably have to choose Bona Traffic, simply because it’s been around longer and stood the test of time.  We’ve been using Bona Traffic HD for 10+ years, so we can see how long it’s lasting on our customer’s floors.


When we reach the 5 year mark, we will have much better data and evidence on the longevity of Loba.  But so far, so good and the two look identical after 1-2 years.


Bona Traffic HD and Loba 2K Supra are the only brands I would use for if you are considering any form of whitewash or gray blend as they don’t amberize. The other water based polyurethanes have more yellow in them and will yellow more over time and look terrible over time.


Please not that both Bona and Loba also offer other sublines that are 1 component products.  These are inferior, and you should never use them with whitewashes or grays or gray blends.  I will discuss those below as there seems to be a lot of consumer and installer confusion.


The others are not as durable.There’s a reason those others are priced lower – they scratch more easily, don’t last as long, smell more and have higher VOCs.  Do your floors and your home a favor and stick with a winner.


When does it make sense to use Loba 2K Supra (or a high grade waterborne polyurethane)?

best polyurethanethat won't turn yellow - Loba WS 2K SupraThere are several times when you’d only want to use a high grade water based polyurethane like Loba 2K Supra:

  • If you are doing any sort of whitewash, gray, or gray blend.  Oil based poly will turn them yellow and make them look awful; mid grade water based products (and there are many of them will turn them slightly yellow and they will turn more yellow over time.


  • If you want want light, natural floors without the yellow


  • If you are sanding maple floors and you want natural or a light color.Maple tends to yellow even more than oak does from the sun  In fact, they yellow so much that the wood looks unhealthy and unnatural.


  • If you are super sensitive to smell and can’t bear the standard polyurethane


  • If you are in a huge rush to move into your home..  Using a water based polyurethane can reduce the time before you can move in.


  • If you are moving into a Condo or Co-op where they require you to use a water based poly (some places do this to reduce the odor for your neighbors, so it’s best to check on this).


Available sheens for Loba Supra

Loba 2K Supra is available in:


Most people tend to prefer satin or matte finishes since that flatter finishes are more in style.  Also please be aware that water based polyurethanes are a bit duller than oil based finishes.


Should you use a or primer with Loba 2K Supra?  What about a sealer?

Yes, usually..On hardwood, you want to apply a sealer for the the first coat on the wood.  The sealer penetrates the wood and assists with better adhesion for the polyurethane. It also gives the polyurethane more elasticity.


You see, wood expands and contracts with the humidity, and the sealer allows the wood to move without breaking the polyurethane bonds. it creates a thin buffer layer.


best polyurethanethat won't turn yellow - WS EasyPrimeNow, Loba calls their sealer a primer.  In this case they mean the same thing (not to be confused with paint primer which is completely different).


So getting back to my answer about “Yes, you usually want a sealer (or primer),” the first layer should be a sealer.  If you are going natural (i.e. no stain), the first coat should be a sealer.


But, if you are doing a stain, your first coat would be a stain, and that is a sealer.  In that case, you don’t need to apply an additional sealer on top of the stain.  (Note: if you want to add a sealer on top of the stain, you can, but it isn’t necessary and is just an extra step that will cost you more time and more money)


You can buy Loba’s Primer (sealer) here.

Loba Supra Invisible water based polyurethane


Where to buy Loba 2K Supra

You can buy Loba 2K Supra at some select hardwood stores.  You are more likely to find these in larger hardwood flooring stores that do a lot of sanding work, located in larger and fashion forward cities/areas.  And, you can find them at Amazon.

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Loba EasyFinish vs Loba 2K Supra

Loba also offers several 1 component polyurethanes. The most popular one is Loba EasyFinish. Please note that these are NOT the same quality as Lobe 2K Supra.


Lobe 2K a 2 part product and is much better.  It’s the equivalent of Bona Traffic HD.  But, Lob EasyFinish is a mid grade product and equivalent of Bona Mega. Both are mid grade products, and that is why they cost less, yellow more and don’t last as long.


Don’t be fooled if your installer tells you these are the same thing.  They aren’t!


I’ve had a lot of customers that I’ve advised and then at the last minute their installer, contractor, refinish, whoever, switched the poly on them.  I honestly don’t know if they are just trying to save money or if they are ignorant and not up on their polyurethane.  But, either scenario isn’t good.


There is a big difference in quality and price.  Please don’t be fooled.


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Loba 2K Supra is great for sealing cork floors

If you need to seal or reseal your cork floors so they last longer, Loba 2K Supra is a phenomenal option.  You’ll also see that many of top cork manufacturers recommend this product, too.


Loba 2K Supra Application video

Here’s a quick video from Loba showing the application.  Note that jobs that we do with Loba are natural, whitewash or graywash and this video appears to be a light honey stain.  Most of our customers prefer to avoid the yellow color.  It’s the stain (not the poly) that is giving the wood the yellow tone).


Final thoughts on Loba 2K Supra

Loba 2K Supra is a top-notch waterborne polyurethane and I highly recommend it.  It is just as good as Bona Traffic HD and these are far superior to the other water based polyurethanes.  It looks great, doesn’t yellow and is highly durable.  It also dries and hardens really quickly and is close to odorless.


Do not settle for 1 component polyurethanes.  It is far superior to both Bona Mega and Loba EasyFinish.  It’s a wonderful finish for hardwood flooring, and our customers and installers love it.


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Loba 2K Supra Polyurethane Review – Water based poly

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