The 5 Most popular hardwood flooring cleaners on Amazon.  Which one is best?

Top 5 hardwood cleaning products and the one I recommend


It’s important to maintain your hardwood flooring with the best hardwood cleaning product.  After all, hardwood is one of the largest assets and investments in your home.  Hardwood cleaners serve multiple purposes.  Not only will they clean and restore the wood’s natural beauty, but they will also prolong the life of your floors.  Conversely, not cleaning often enough or using an improper cleaner can accelerate the demise of your floors (and cost you more money in the long run).


Be sure to use a hardwood flooring cleaner, and not just any cleaner.  Other formulas can scratch the surface, some will leave a dull residue, some can make the floors slippery, and a few can even strip the color.  You want a hardwood cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood flooring.


These cleaners are sorted based on their popularity (i.e. sales) on Amazon.  All of them are made in the USA.

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The Top 5 Hardwood Floor Cleaners…and the one that I recommend

1.  Bona hardwood cleaner spray

Bona is the #1 recommended cleaning product by hardwood professionals. It’s perfect for hardwood flooring (any type – pre-finished, site finished, solid, engineered), as well as cork, bamboo and laminate.  We recommend this to our customers and in fact give this to our customers as a thank you gift. It’s residue free and helps protect your hardwood investment. And, of course it’s safe for family, pets and the environment.


Bona dries fast and doesn’t leave a dulling residue.  It’s safe for all types of polyurethaned floors.  It’s Green Guard Certified and uses all natural ingredients.  It was also the top scoring product in Good Housekeeping’s panel testing.


Bona does not have an overpowering smell.  Everyone’s sense of smell is different,but most describe this a light, fresh, clean scent to no scent at all.


Bona comes in a spray, as well as refill and a starter kit (which contains a microfiber mop).









2.  Bruce Laminate and hardwood cleaner

Bruce laminate and hardwood cleaner is made by Armstrong and is good for polyurethaned hardwood floors and laminate.  As the name implies, it’s used primarily for laminate floors and is especially good for shiny floors (or those looking for a shinier/glossier look), especially shiny laminate floors.  This product received good ratings from Good Housekeeping’s study.



3. Weiman High Traffic Floor Polish and Restorer

This is a 2 in 1 product that restores the shine and rejuvenates the floors.  It claims to leave a brilliant natural shine and extend the life of the hardwood with a protective and scratch resistant layer.  Customers claim that it makes the scratches disappear.  I would caution you about using this product as it will temporarily make your floors look better, but the waxes will degrade your poly and cause you to refinish the floors sooner (see below).  This just goes to show you that you can’t always rely on rankings…as non professionals often don’t know the long term impact of products.


All that aside, Weiman also has a regular hardwood cleaner which has good reviews (109 as of this writing).   It cleans and renews, and it’s ecofriendly.


4. Zep Enforcer Professional Strength Hardwood and laminate cleaner

Zep Enforcer removes spots, stains and scuff marks.  It cleans and restores without leaving a residue.  It’s good for hardwood, and laminate, as well as base boards and cabinets.  It’s professional strength and has a fresh scent.  The Amazon reviews are generally positive.


5. Black Diamond wood and laminate floor cleaner

Black Diamond is made by Stoneworks and is streak-free.  It’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so it’s safe for kids and pets.  It removes spills, stain and dirt and even claims to prevent soil from attaching to the surface.  It has PS3, a revolutionary triple action protection shield.  It was one of Good Housekeeping’s top performing hardwood cleaners.


Concluding thoughts on hardwood floor cleaners:

best hardwood floor cleaning productsMy personal favorite hardwood flooring cleaner is Bona.  We want our customers to have the best hardwood floors and to properly care and maintain them, so we give our customers a free Bona Cleaner and care instructions for proper maintenance.  There is a reason that it’s the most recommended by hardwood professionals, manufacturers and decorators.  And, there’s a reason it’s #1 on Amazon. There certainly are other hardwood cleaners that work well and if you are happy with your cleaner, by all means use it.


These hardwood cleaning products are most effective if they are used with a microfiber mop or swiffer.







Watchout:  A big word or caution here…avoid hardwood cleaners that tend to over-promise and to add shine to your floor. These generally contain waxes and oils which will temporarily make your floors look better. However, these will degrade the polyurethane on your floors faster causing you to sand and refinish much sooner, costing your much more. Further, these waxes will prevent you from being able to do a screen and recoat (which is a less invasive and less expensive way to restore and protect the life of your floor (vs a full sand and refinish). You can read more about a screen and recoat in this article.  If you see the words polish, glow, shine, etc, take caution.


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The Top 5 Hardwood Floor Cleaners…and the one that I recommend



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