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High end Vinyl – Can you believe it’s vinyl? Westchester Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile Westchester NYVinyl flooring has come a long way, baby!


When you hear the word vinyl, you may be thinking sheet vinyl…or maybe peel & stick tile…or maybe even VCT (vinyl composite tile) – the type you might see in a school or supermarket.


But, the latest trend in vinyl is Luxury vinyl.  This is a high end durable vinyl that looks real!  Luxury vinyl can be made to look like real hardwood or even tile.  The designs use real digital pictures and use registered embossing for the wood grains and tile textures.  They are truly amazing in how real they look and feel.

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Luxury vinyl plank westchester NYIn addition to looking great, luxury vinyl is waterproof, so it’s great for heavy traffic areas and areas with water such as kitchens, bathrooms, basement, entryways.   They are also super easy to clean.


With Luxury vinyl, you can also get fun and creative by adding borders and altering the direction of the planks.  The pieces are all individual, include vinyl grout lines that are lower than the vinyl tiles for  a more realistic effect.


They come in a variety of colors and styles -from traditional to distressed woods, as well as slate and natural stone looks.  Take a look at these pictures and see how real it looks!

Luxury vinyl plank Westchester County  Luxury vinyl tile Westchester County











Luxury vinyl border westchester New York   Luxury vinyl plank diagonal westchester county NY








Coretec Plus Luxury Vinyl

high end vinyl in bronxville NY - coretec plusOne of the latest innovations for luxury vinyl plank flooring comes from US Floors and it’s called Coretec Plus.  This is a really sleek and versatile option as it is a clickable floating floor.  It is thicker than the luxury vinyl that’s glued to the floor, so it feels a bit more like a “real” floor as it has a bit more “give.” It’s 100% waterproof (according to the manufacturers made with luxury vinyl, recycled limestone and has an attached cork underlayment with gives it a bit of insulation (and reduces noise a bit).


Because Coretec Plus isn’t glued to the floor, you often don’t need as much floor prep (ie. you often don’t need to smooth the floors with a skim coat or two.  (However, if your floors are uneven (i.e. not level), this may not be the best choice as your floors may move/wobble a bit…or you may need to/want to pay extra in self leveling mix (which can get costly).


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Can you believe it’s vinyl?  Luxury Vinyl flooring for Westchester County



10 thoughts on “High end Vinyl – Can you believe it’s vinyl? Westchester Luxury Vinyl”

  1. We have sheet vinyl in the kitchen, Aq 1994 manufactured home, with a visible hump between the sink and the breakfast bar, you can see it when you look from the side,but you do not feel it when walking across.Can we do the vinylplancks there, how much of a difference in the flatness do you think they can handle! thank you!

    1. Claudia – Most likely, yes, you could. The key to doing vinyl is the floor prep. The floor prep can help smooth things out. The more floor prep/smoothing you do, the more you can even things out. This then becomes a matter of cost and preference.

      I hope that helps.

  2. Hi there,
    Is Coretec Plus the best LVP on the market in your opinion? I am overwhelmed with all the choices for LVP –I feel like I have analysis paralysis! Can you help? Thanks!

    1. It tends to hold up very well. In fact, I’ve never heard of any issues with heels. That being said, when high heels wear down and the nails come through they can damage ANY type of floor, including tile.

  3. I was looking into replacing my carpet on the bedrooms with LVP floors that look like hardwood, but my biggest concern and hesitation is that my house is on the high end ($850,000 / 5,700 sqft) on a Golf gated community. We currently have hardwood floors on the entire main level except on the bedrooms, and bathrooms (tile) and as much as I would like a waterproof floor for my dogs, I feel that this may decrease the value of our home. What are your thoughts?

    1. Zoe – This is always a tricky one. On the one hand, LVP is an upgrade vs carpet. But, yes, more people would prefer carpet on that end of the spectrum. For my area, $850,000 is average and even in an average home, hardwood is expected. You are better of talking to a local real estate agent.

      If you put on top of your hardwood floors on 1st floor, it’s a downgrade for sure. Upstairs in bedrooms is a gray area.

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