Top 10 FAQ’s about Hardwood Floor Refinishing (Frequently asked questions)

Refinishing hardwood flooring – top 10 Frequently asked questions

top 10 FAQs about hardwood floor refinishingOver the years, I’ve written many articles about hardwood floor refinishing, and I thought it would be helpful to gather the most frequently asked questions and most popular articles all in one place.


1. How long does it take to sand and refinish hardwood floors?  This article discusses the length of time during and after the sanding process for both oil and water based polyurethane.  This is my all time most popular blog post. It’s important that home owners and home buyers plan ahead.


2. Oil based vs water borne polyurethane – Which is better for refinishing hardwood floors?   This discusses the pros and cons on both water borne and oil based poly and when you might use each.


oak hardwood with walnut border - oil based poly3. Can you change the color of your hardwood floors? Many don’t realize that you often can change the color of the wood floors going from light to dark or vice versa.


4. How long does it take polyurethane to dry? This article discussed the drying and curing process after all the coats of poly are applied.


5. What type of finish (or sheen) is most popular for hardwood? There is a clear favored choice here both in terms of looks and practicality.


what to expect when you are refinishing hardwood floors6. What stain colors are most popular? This discusses the most popular stain colors and the up and coming trends for the New York area.


7.  How do you get gray hardwood flooring? This is one of the up and coming trends in New York and I’ve been getting more and more inquiries about this over the last 6-12 months.


8.  How do you get dark hardwood floors? Dark stain colors have quickly become the most popular in the Westchester NY area.  This article discusses the different shades.


flooring poll carpet and hardwood9.  What is a screen and recoat? What does buffing mean?  These are terms that often cause confusion.


10.  Is it better to paint or refinish the hardwood floors first? The answer is not as straight forward as you may be thinking.


Complementary products that will prolong the life of your floors



Refinishing hardwood flooring – top 10 Frequently asked questions