Why Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams goes with everything!

When it comes to neutral colors, one of my favorites it Agreeable Gray. Why? Well it’s the perfect greige blend that perfectly balances gray and beige for a soft warm gray. And, it absolutely goes with everything. My customers love it because it just works.

Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams - Neutral Greige Paint

Agreeable Gray, made by Sherwin Williams, blends warms and cools together, and this mixture is close to magical because it complements both warm tones and cool tones in the room.


Agreeable Gray is the perfect greige paint and goes with everythingWhether it’s furniture, area rugs, floors, hardware, paintings, window treatments, they all work together with Agreeable Gray. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It is so interesting to watch my customers’ eyes widen when I show them the color sample. It seems to be perfect and just blends with what they already have.


After all, I don’t want my customers to feel like they need to buy additional pieces of furniture when they decide to paint the walls. The goal is find a paint shade that goes with your current home decor.


Oh, and it’s important to note that because Agreeable Gray is so neutral (and so likeable), it’s often one of my top choices if you’re looking to put your house on the market soon (or in the next 2 to 3 years).


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✅ Note: If you’re planning on painting yourself, here are some  helpful tools to make the job faster and easier.


What is greige and how do you pronounce greige?

As the name implies, greige is a mixture of gray plus beige. Agreeable Gray (SW7029) basically a warm gray. Gray is currently the most popular paint color, but over time, many have shifted away from cool grays as they believe it makes a room feel too cold (both physically and psychologically.

agreeable gray from Sherwin Williams


agreeable gray walls and gray area rug

Now, most of my customers are trending towards warm grays because they are a super solution. They read as “gray,” but they are a bit softened and warmer, so they create a friendlier and more open atmosphere.


A very common question I hear is “How do you pronounce Greige?” Is it with a long A, like “gray” or a long E like “ease?” Well select “play” below and you’ll find out.

Well now you know the correct pronunciation for greige. By the way, the voice on the video reminds me of the guy that says “Laurel” in the Laurel/Yanny audio that went viral. I wonder if it’s him.


Agreeable Gray coordinating colors for accent walls

Accent walls have become trendy and in the right shaped room, they can look awesome. Sherwin Williams makes it easy, if you use their paint swatches (they are color coordinated).


First, choose the main wall color you want for the room. Then, move down the color strip to find a coordinating deeper shade.On most color cards, 2-4 shades darker will work and on some strips you can go up to 5 shades darker. (It will vary a bit vs the color you select.



Debbie Gartner The Flooring Girlpaint color trackerNeed help keeping track of your paint colors and sheens? This tracker makes it easy.



The one thing you DON’T want to do is pick something that is 1 shade darker. If you do this, it will usually look like you made a mistake (or just a shadow). Instead, be purposeful and make sure there enough of a contrast.


For Agreeable Gray (SW 7029), my top 2 choices are Mega Griege (SW7031) and Keystone Gray (SW7504).

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Coordinating shades of gray for accent walls


If you want to go even darker, check out Warm Stone (SW7032), Brainstorm Bronze (SW7033) and Status Bronze (SW 7034). You can see all of the color hues on this swatch.

Coordinating accent colors for Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams


Agreeable Gray undertones

In my opinion, Agreeable Gray is one of the cleanest paint colors with virtually no undertones. It’s one of the purest combos of gray + beige. If you look really closely, you may notice a very slight taupe undertone and perhaps the tiniest smidge of purple.  This is why the color tends to coordinate with almost everything.


The LRV (Light Reflective Value) is 60 meaning that it adds some life to a room with the light it reflects back, and it’s one of the lighter gray/greiges. It’s light enough so it doesn’t take over the room.


And, because of this, it’s a great paint color choice for northern exposure rooms.  It does tend to look a bit more gray in these rooms.  And, the warm gray and greige balance out the cool sunlight.  Importantly, it has a chameleon quality and can work in all rooms as it adapts to the lighting and furniture.


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Agreeable Gray goes with most hardwood floors

Agreeable gray is one of those rare colors that goes with most flooring shades.  It works incredibly well with dark hardwood floors, most light floors, and it’s one of the rare paint colors that works with cherry colored hardwoods (as well as brown stains that have red undertones.


It’s probably not the best choice for gray hardwoods (gray on gray usually looks bland and often clashes).  But, it can work well with whitewashed flooring.


Agreeable Gray paint color by room

Agreeable Gray Paint in living room

Agreeable Gray Paint in living room - SW7029

living room painted in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey

fall farmhouse decor

Agreeable Gray Paint in bedrooms

Agreeable Gray paint in bedroom - Sherwin Williams

Agreeable gray paint in bedroom

fall farmhouse decor

Agreeable Gray Paint in kitchen

Agreeable Gray paint in kitchen - Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray Paint in bathroom

SW Agreeable Gary in bathroom with navy cabinets bathroom painted with Agreeable Gray

fall farmhouse decor   fall farmhouse decor

Agreeable Gray Paint in home office

home office painted with agreeable gray SW7019

fall farmhouse decor

Revere Pewter vs Agreeable Gray

Revere Pewter (from Benjamin Moore) is one of the more popular paint colors. Revere Pewter is much more beige than Agreeable Gray and it’s a bit darker. The LRV (Light Reflective Value) of Revere Pewter is 55 vs Agreeable Gray is 60, which means Agreeable Gray reflects more light. (The higher the value, the more light is reflected…a pure white would be 100 and a pure black 0).

revere pewter from Benjamin Moore Agreeable Gray goest with everything


Revere Pewter is much warmer and almost looks like a tan/beige combo compared to grays and greiges, and the color difference is quite striking when you compare them side by side. It also seems to come out much darker on the walls than you would expect. Some customers even call it a muddy color.


Revere Pewter vs Agreeable GrayIf you have warm colors in the room (e.g. reds, oranges, yellow, light oak furniture/floors), it can bring out the green undertones in this paint shade. The color seems to shift based on lighting and furniture and what’s shining through the windows.


Revere Pewter used to be more popular than it is today. I would say its peak was probably around 3 to 4 years ago. Many realtors and stagers recommended this color for selling your home. But, over time, beige has become very dated, and now Revere Pewter (which is a very beige greige) looks rather dated.


Agreeable Gray is much more neutral and fashion forward, so I would recommend that over Revere Pewter 9 times out of 10. It seems to be much more versatile vs. Revere Pewter. It has a lighter and more crisp look.



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Agreeable Gray vs Accessible Beige

In some ways, these two colors are inverses of each other. Agreeable Gray is a mix of gray with beige and Accessible Beige is a beige with a hint of gray. Accessible Beige (SW7036), as the name implies, is a beige with a subtle taupe undertone to cut out the yellow so it doesn’t look too tan. It’s much warmer than Agreeable Gray.


Accessible Beige is a tad a darker as the LRV is 58 (vs 60 for Agreeable Beige).

Popular greige paints - Agreeable Gray SW7029 Sherwin Williams Accessible beige - neutral paint color


Repose Gray vs Agreeable Gray

First, let me say that I love Repose Gray, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a greige or warm gray. Repose Gray is a bit more gray than Agreeable Gray. So it’s cooler, but still on the warm gray side. Repose Gray is a tad darker than Agreeable Gray, but the difference is barely perceptible (58 LRV for Repose vs 60 for Agreeable).

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7015 - popular greie alternative to Agreeable Gray Popular greige paints - Agreeable Gray SW7029

Worldly Gray vs Agreeable Gray

Worldly Gray is rather similar in tone to Agreeable Gray, but it’s slightly more beige. It’s slightly darker too as the LRV is 57 (vs Agreeable Gray is 60). It’s a great alternative, but personally I prefer Agreeable Gray as it has a bit more gray in it and tends to complement more colors in the room.

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW7043 - warm greige Agreeable Gray SW 7029 from Sherwin Williams

Which contrasting colors work with Agreeable Gray

Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray works particularly well with white trim, blues, greens, turquoises and neutral color schemes.  It’s versatile and doesn’t take on a blue or green hue when you use those colors for accents (as most gray paints do).  It’s great for modern farmhouse decor, too.


DIY Painting Tips

I wanted to share a VERY helpful video from Sherwin Williams, with some quick and super useful DIY painting tips. It’s just 2 minutes and covers types of brushes and painting techniques. Also, towards the end of this article, I share the painting tools and accessories that we use (with links to buy them on Amazon).

Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn Painting tips for DIY homeowners


What are some other warm grays?

Warm grays have been growing in popularity. Here are some great alternative warm grays:

  • Silverpointe
  • Repose Gray
  • Worldly Gray
  • Colonade Gray
  • Mindful Gray
  • Dorian Gray
  • Useful Gray


You can read more about my favorite warm gray paint shades in this article: 9 Amazing Greiges and Warm Grays.


Is Agreeable Gray a greige?

Of course! Hopefully, I’ve driven that into your head by now. In fact, I would argue that Agreeable Gray (SW7029) is the perfect greige.


Where can you use Agreeable Gray?

Agreeable gray is such a versatile and neutral color that it can be used as a wall color in virtually every room, including bright and low light rooms.  Whether it’s your living room, dining room, kitchen, family room or bedroom, it blends and complements almost all colors, making decorating a breeze.  It works in bathrooms, laundry rooms, offices, and well just about everywhere.


Agreeable gray is such a flexible color hue that it works great on kitchen cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms.  And, of course, it’s an amazing exterior paint color for your home.



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Final thoughts on Agreeable Gray

Accent colors for agreeable gray from Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray is a super neutral paint color that tends to go with almost everything. The combo of gray and beige blend together for the perfect light greige. This color is versatile and tends to work in almost every room of the home.


It’s a great option whether you’re you’re just moving into a new home or looking to remodel and update your existing home. Agreeable Gray is also a great paint selection if you’re planning to sell your home as it appeals to most buyers.


Do you need any paint shade fan decks?

Amazon can help with that. It’s so much easier when you have the full color wheels and can see all of these in your own home (vs. going back and forth to the store MULTIPLE times).

Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore
gray paint shades from Sherwin Williams gray paint swatches from Benjamin Moore


DIY Painting Tools

Here are some painting tools that may come in handy if you’re going to do the painting yourself. Also, be sure to check out my article on the Top 10 DIY Painting mistakes and how to avoid them. The products below can be found on Amazon and delivered straight to your door.

  • Painting brush – this one costs a bit more, but it’s totally worth it. It will help you paint faster and more accurately. If you’re going to paint yourself, don’t skimp here. Incidentally, this is Amazon’s Choice as well.
  • Painter’s tape – a must have. Use for all the trim as well as ceiling area
  • Paint roller kit – this includes a tray. Use the brush for the edges and the roller for main areas of the wall (and ceiling).
  • Drop cloths – Yes, you’ll need them for sure. Some people have some on hand, but often not enough if you are doing many rooms.


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Agreeable Gray, the Ultimate Neutral Gray Paint Color from Sherwin Williams

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