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Robotic vacuums similar to Roomba, but half the price

Cheaper iRobot Roomba alternatives that perform just as well

Robotic vacuums are an amazing modern invention that are so convenient.  They make vacuuming quick and easy – just fix it and forget it.

Robotic vacuums similar to Roomba, but half the price


Robotic vacuums making vacuuming super easy.  Because of that, people vacuum more often. Besides the fact that your home is cleaner, you’ll also be happy to know that when you vacuum more often, both your hardwoods and carpets last longer, so it’s a double win.


3 Chear roomba alternatives that are half the priceRobotic vacuums are especially helpful for busy people (especially those that work late), as well as those with back problems and mobility challenges.  That’s because they are hands free.


While Roombas are great, they are rather pricey.  Now they have even more models and they generally range from around $300-$700.  That’s a bit high for most people’s budgets, so I’m sharing several comparable brands that will save you some money.


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Why so many people love Roomba vacuums

irobot roomba robotic vacuum cleanerSo first, let me acknowledge that Roombas are awesome.  I love them and you can’t go wrong with them.  But, they can be expensive, and not everyone can afford them.  So I wanted to provide some other high quality robotic vacuums that are more budget friendly.


Roomba vacuums are the most well known brand of robotic vacuum cleaners.  They are even one of Consumer Report’s top picks. They are one of the pioneers of the category and continue to innovate. They have a great design, acoustic sensors, good motors, sensitive infrared readers and coordinate with wi-fi.

alternative robotic vacuums that are cheaper than roomba


The only real downside is Roomba’s price.


The good news is that you don’t need to pay so much for a high quality robotic vacuum.


Less expensive robotic vacuums vs Roombas

1.  ILIFE Pro Robotic vacuum V3s

ILIFE robotic vacuum is a cheaper substitute to a roombaThis is the newer version of the V3s and its powerful tangle-free suction is perfect for pet hair.  It’s designed for hardwood floors and low pile carpets.


This vacuum is currently Amazon’s Recommended choice among Robotic vacuums and it’s one of their best sellers.


The ILIFE robot vacuum is probably the best value on the market place and only costs around half the price of a roomba.


The ILIFE auto-charges and allows for daily programming.  The low profile slim design allows it to maneuver under sofas and beds where dirt tends to collect an hide.


It has smart sensors to prevent bumping.  It’s super easy to use with a one touch button.


cheaper robot vacuums


2.  Eufy Boost IQ Robotic vacuum

cheaper robot vacuums iq robovacThe Eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 11S (slim) has incredible suction and it’s super quiet, too. Digital Trends voted it the “Best Robot Vacuum of 2018.”


The Eufy  Boost IQ is good for both hardwood flooring as well as Medium Pile carpets.


The all new Robovac has been re-engineered to be the slimmest robotic vacuum out there, so it’s great if you have low lying furniture as it can maneuver itself into more places.


This robot vacuum has BoostIQ™ Technology so that it automatically adjusts suction power when more strength is needed.


cheaper robot vacuums

3.  Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic vacuum

Ecavacs deebot robotic vacuumThis is currently Amazon’s #1 best seller in the robotic vacuum category.  The Ecovacs has max suction power and has Alexa connectivity, so it’s super easy from programing and you can control with your voice.


This vacuum is designed for hardwood floors as well as low pile carpets. You can double the cleaning power by using the app or remote control.


With the smart app and voice controls, you can easily use Alexa or Google Home voice commands to customize, schedule and monitor the sessions as well as receive accessory status and error alerts.


The Ecovac has 3 specialized cleaning modes and ability to go into edge mode to reach hard-to-clean edges.  It also comes complete with air filtration, anti-scratch finish and durable protective bumbers.


It’s comparable with a Roomba but usually priced 25% or so lower. than their lowest cost model.

Robotic vacuums similar to Roomba

What are the advantages of using robotic vacuum such as a Roomba?

1.  Saves time

Yes, just set it up and the robotic vacuum will take care of everything for you.  No supervision necessary.  So, you can do other things instead.


2.  Perfect for those with back pains or mobility challenges

Whether you have chronic back pain, or injured your foot or arm, or have other mobility issues, robotic vacuums, such as roombas, make it easy.  You can even schedule it to vacuum as often as you like.


3.  Detects and adjusts for different amounts of dirt in different spots

The advanced sensors detect different amounts of dirt, and they will linger on them longer and repeat over the area as needed.


4.  You can clean your home when you’re not home

Yes, the ultimate in convenience.  Get the home vacuumed while you’re still at work, so your home is clean when you arrive.  Or have the robotic vacuum do it’s magic while you’re out in the yard or on sitting on the deck.


5.  Robotic vacuums can go under furniture

It’s small disk shape enables it to be flexible enough to go underneath furniture and beds – place that are really inconvenient to reach and you need other attachments for regular upright vacuums.


How does a robotic vacuum work?

3 less expensive iroomba alternativesOnce you push the “clean” button, it emits an infrared signal and measures how long it takes for it to bounce back to the internal sensor. Once the robotic vacuum figures out the size and shape of the room, it knows how long it should spend cleaning it.


The robotic vacuum creates an internal map of the space to systematically clean the full area and then the internal micro-controllers to direct it.


The wall sensors prevent the Roomba from bumping into walls while cleaning.  There are also height sensors to prevent the Roomba from falling off cliffs or high platforms, such as stairs


Final thoughts on choosing a robotic vacuum

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high quality robotic vacuum for your floors.  In fact, sometimes a good quality mid priced option is a much better value.  Roombas are great.  But these robotic vacuums will also do a great job and save you some money that you can put towards other home decor items.


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Robotic vacuums similar to Roomba, but half the price – best iRobot alternatives

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great information!. I know clients have asked me about them and some people are hesitant to try them especially for the costs. Now they can see some comparisons and how they can afford to use them with their busy schedules.
    Brenda Hughes
    Evansville Home Staging & ReDeSign

  2. guywithaquestion

    Would a roomba scratch hardwood floors? I had a problem with one scratching my floors when it trapped litter from my cat. Would new ones have a problem like this? I know this is a case by case, but I don’t want to scratch my floors either. They have bona traffic hd

    1. Kitty Litter can be a problem with no matter what you use. This is why it’s important to have a good mat for the cats and some space between the kitty litter and hardwood. For mine, I have it in a tiled area and then outside of it, I have an additional “carpet sample” mat. It’s just like at the front door, you have an entry mat out side and an area rug inside.

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