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Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Keeping your home organized can be a pain, especially when you take into account the cost of organization containers and supplies.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks

There are some worthwhile dollar store organization hacks if you know where to look, but it’s not always easy to find them.


life changing dollar store organization hacksThe problem with organization supplies is that you can get what you pay for. Although an item from the dollar store can be cheaper in the short term, it may end up costing you more long-term if you have to continually replace the object because it gets broken or wears out.


Today we have brought you some of our best organization hacks that you can recreate with items from the dollar store.


I am sure you will find at least a couple of things on this list that you could put to good use.

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Dollar Store Organization Hacks


dollar store hacks plastic containerBeads and Bolts Organizer

If you find that you have a lot of small things that you like to keep nicely organized, consider this dollar store clear plastic organizer!


It comes with 16 different compartments and would be great for beads, makeup, hair ties, or even some bolts and nuts. I think we all could probably get use out of something like this–little things are so hard to keep track of!


dollar store organization corner shelfCorner Storage

Corner storage is an awesome thing to utilize. It’s great for things like glasses or mugs, as the items you put on the shelf are better protected because they have backing on two sides instead of just one.


These wire shelves are cheap, practical, and go with anything (well, mostly anything.)


Debbie Gartner The Flooring GirlCheck out the The Organized Home from Hilary Pope Erickson. It’s a full no nonsense course for decluttering every room in your house.


dollar store organization pop containerSoda Holder

Soda in the fridge can be organized by leaving it in its original box, sure. But what happens when that box gets ripped?


Pick up something a little more sturdy for your soda storage, like a plastic fridge soda can container (wow that was a mouthful!)


dollar store organization pen holderMagnetic Writing Utensil Holder

Do you struggle with finding a pen? Maybe that’s because you don’t have a good place to keep them!


This magnetic organization holder can be stored on the fridge (or really anywhere that’s magnetic) so your pens and pencils can be nicely organized and right in sight. They also come in some pretty cheerful colors, so you could say they may have a mood-boosting effect too.


dollar store organization containerDry Food Storage

If you have dry foods (flour, cereal, etc) and you don’t have a few of these, you are seriously missing out.


Not only do they help everything look a lot nicer, they also can help keep your dry foods fresh for longer. You can also use these organizers for other things, like craft supplies or toys.


dollar store hack rectangular basketRectangle Basket

Hang some rectangle baskets sideways on the bathroom wall. You want to affix the bottom of the basket to the wall, so the basket opening is facing you.


Use this space for a little extra storage room–for things like towels or extra toilet paper rolls.


dollar store hacks paper towelTowel Bar

I thought this towel bar was a super cool idea–especially if you don’t have a lot of real estate in your house.


This towel bar is designed to hang over cabinet doors with no need for drilling or screwing, and so it would be perfect to have on hand for parties or get-togethers, when you may want more towels around for people to use.


Curling Iron Storage

Affix 2 two plastic cups (with the bottom cut out) or PCV pipes to the inside of your bathroom cabinet. Store your straightener or curling iron in one cup, and the cord in the other.


You can also use this same storage idea to store your hair brushes (although you may need to keep the bottom attached to the cup.)


dollar store organization command hooksCommand Hooks

Okay, so let me start off by saying that command hooks are probably the most useful organization product available. Specifically, consider using them to hang your cleaning supplies, such as sprays, scrubby brush handles, and gloves.


dollar store organization containerPlastic Organization Containers

The real key to organization is making sure different items have their own place.


I think many of us probably have a “spatula” drawer. We may happen to keep all of our serving spoons, whisks, and other cooking supplies in said drawer.


This becomes problematic when you want to find something specific. Getting some plastic organization bins will help you make sure that everything has its own place and you will be a lot less likely to misplace a ladle.


dollar store basket organizerWire Baskets in the Kitchen

Hang some wire baskets in your pantry storage with a few command hooks. Then, store your fresh fruits in it so they are always easily accessible (and you won’t forget they are there.)




dollar store hacks paper towelPaper Towel Holder

You can pick up this wire paper towel holder from the dollar store.


The benefit of getting a wire paper towel holder is it is smaller, thus it is more versatile.


Use it as a clever holder for your garbage bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap instead of its traditional use.


dollar store organization laundry bagMesh Bag Hack

Mesh laundry bags aren’t just for laundry–although they can be more convenient than a hamper since they can be compressed.


If you have kids, you can affix a laundry mesh bag to the wall with a suction cup and a hook. Keep bath toys in here so they are out of the way.

dollar store organization drying rackPan Organization

Pick up a drying rack or other form of wire rack to store your cookie pans on.


This way you don’t have to pull out every single one of your pans to get the one at the very bottom (we’ve all been there!)



dollar store hack shower ringShower Rings

Shower rings can be useful for a multitude of things outside of the shower. I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time keeping track of hair ties, and it seems like I am always buying more.


Start putting your hair ties on a shower ring that clips closed so they never go missing again!


dollar store hack dress holderWrapping Paper Storage

If you don’t have a well-executed storage space for your wrapping paper, grab a dress bag to keep it in. Put it in, zip it up, and hang it up. See? That was so easy.




dollar store glasses holderCord Organization

I think most of us probably have more electronics than we necessarily need. Keeping track of all of the cords can feel a little like a joke since many of them look the same and are generally of similar size.


Pick up a few glasses cases if you don’t already have some lying around and store your most important cords in there. This also makes traveling with your cords a breeze.


dollar store hack candle holderQ-Tip Storage

Pick up a short glass or a candle holder to store your Q-tips in. You can keep the container right on your bathroom counter so they will always be in easy reach.



dollar store hacks cubeFabric Boxes

Fabric boxes are really great for storage of any little items you have around the house. They can be squeezed underneath a coffee table, or even put on a shelf in the closet.


I liked these boxes because they don’t look like they came from the dollar store–they look like higher quality. A storage solution that is useful and looks okay? I think that’s a win!


dollar store hack ice trayIce Tray Organization

An ice tray makes for an excellent organization option. Use this trick to store your crafting beads, or your bracelets and earrings.


You could even use this tool to store small bolts and nuts that you want to stay organized.


Trinket Drawers

organization and storage hacks from the Dollar StoreI love these fashion paper trinket boxes.  They are so color and fun; and they are a perfect way to store smaller items such as jewelry, office supplies, sewing supplies, and more.


You can check these out here.


Higher End Organization Ideas

As I said before, sometimes you get what you pay for. I found a few higher end products that I absolutely love, so I thought I would share them with. If nothing else, perhaps they can give you some decorating inspiration and ideas!


dollar store organization basketsDecorative Storage Cube Unit Bookcase

These storage cubes are everywhere, and there is a reason they are so popular! They look nice, they’re easy to stow and are relatively inexpensive.


This little storage shelf is meant for storing your storage cubes. Consider grabbing some extra storage cubes in different colors and switch it up for the holidays!


dollar store organization hacks closetCloset System

Okay guys, so if you find that you are struggling with finding space for all of your clothing, consider picking up a closet system. It’s a great way to stay organized, and this particular unit includes 3 drawers, 1 hanging rod, and two different storage compartments.


The neat thing about this one is that it works great as either standalone open storage or built-in style closet usage. It’s super versatile and will last you a long time.


dollar store organization shelfKitchen Pantry Shelf

This shelf is really unique, as it can actually lock in place! These closet shelf organizers simply slide over any solid shelf locking rigid and securely in place.


Extra closet shelf organizer also doubles as a shelf divider (I get pretty excited when I find something versatile!)


dollar store organization laundryInspiring Laundry Room

Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with a beautiful image. This laundry is styled and organized so perfectly, and I think it could help you start brainstorming some things you can start doing around the house.


Remember, many beautiful setups do not require expensive products. With the right tools and the right items, you can beautify up any room in your house. If you are interested in any of these particular items, feel free to follow the link and click around on the individual items.


Here are 25 dollar store organization hacks that will change your life! Organization can be costly, so we searched to find some of the best and most simple solutions to your everyday organization problems.Conclusion:

We hope you found the organization hacks helpful.  As you can see, you can now buy Dollar Store products online, so everything is extra easy.


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